Krista Hagenbuch Rider

Krista is a SAHM to a Lego & Ninja loving 7 year old son. She and her husband Scott have been married 10 years and make their home in NE Portland. Krista is a runner and enjoys cooking, reading, and shopping Farmers Markets. She loves Jesus, the ocean air on her face and the smell of coffee brewing. Her guilty pleasures are red wine, Honey Mamas raw fudge and watching Scandal, sometimes all three at once!
gun safety

Safety First: How to Ask the Point-Blank Question

I knew nothing about the Grey's Anatomy episode, Trigger Happy, other than I was a week behind. As I sat down, grateful for a DVR, I was merely looking forward to getting lost in an hour...
mother's day ideas flowers

Bring on the May Flowers: Exploring Portland’s Blooms

The saying goes, 'April showers bring May flowers,' and despite the fact that Portland had a record warm April, the flowers they are a bloomin'! May is a perfect month to explore the gardens...

Healthy Eating in No Time with Portland’s Fit Kitchen Direct

While I am the runner in the family, my husband is an endurance cyclist currently training for a 200 mile gravel race. He goes out for rides ranging from 2-8 hours several times a...

Magic, Make-Believe, and Glitter

It was just about a year ago that my son AB lost his first tooth. It was my husband's idea to leave an animal tooth instead of money. A tooth for a tooth. As long...

In Sickness and In Health: A Mother’s Vow

It's no fun being sick. And it's really no fun being sick as a mom. Laundry doesn't stop piling up, lunches don't pack themselves, and groceries don't just appear at your door. We may...