Healthy Eating in No Time with Portland’s Fit Kitchen Direct


While I am the runner in the family, my husband is an endurance cyclist currently training for a 200 mile gravel race. He goes out for rides ranging from 2-8 hours several times a week. His rides take him into the late afternoon/evening hours, so the rush of dinner preparation falls mostly at my feet. In light of this, I recently said to him that I would like a change, I would like to make the evening hours less frantic and meal planning easier.

The very next day, I was asked to try out a new and innovative local business that offers fresh and healthy meal prep with weekly delivery. Don’t you just love those rare occasions when an answer to your problem falls into your lap?!

{This post is sponsored by Fit Kitchen Direct and I received complimentary meals to review. All opinions are my own. And don’t miss their special reader offer below!}


About Fit Kitchen Direct

Before receiving my meals, I sought out to learn more about what I was getting. Fit Kitchen Direct’s mission is to provide healthy, affordable and delicious meals to busy families. Beyond that though, it is also a nutritional lifestyle that will have you feeling amazing from the inside out. FKD uses all natural meat and organic produce to keep meals clean and delicious. They are also gluten free. Key for me is their goal to offer nutritious meals that maintain our family’s healthy routine.

As primary shopper and “Chef” in our home I do my best to buy local, organic, and fresh whenever possible. I grew up in the country where in response to my cries of “I’m hungry” my mom would tell me to go out to the garden and pick something to eat. In the summer I tend to hit the Farmer’s Markets twice a week because fresh is important to me. To say I was excited to try Fit Kitchen Direct would be an understatement, especially after reviewing their weekly menu.  

Fit Kitchen Direct was started by Megan Benedict, a personal trainer who knows firsthand how difficult it is to eat healthy, and who saw many of her clients struggle with their diet because they were simply too busy to prep healthy and delicious food. 

My Fit Kitchen Direct Experience

The meals arrived Sunday evening and I was asked if I’d like them brought in and unloaded to the refrigerator. I appreciated the courtesy, even though I declined.  I looked each meal over, wondering which one I would dive into the next day as dinner was already underway (with my husband doing the cooking!)

Fit Kitchen Direct Meal PrepMy first meal was chicken piccata with gluten free pasta. While the meals are fully cooked and can be eaten as is, without warming, especially if you’re on the go, I was at home so I chose to warm mine up according to the suggestions on the Fit Kitchen Direct website. It was at this moment that I was grateful I could pop the meal into the microwave and reheat – the containers are BPA free so need to worry about leaching toxins. Plus, it meant one less dirty dish! My initial thoughts were how tender and flavorful the chicken and sauce was, and what a generous portion. I was pleased and satisfied.

The following day I came home post-workout and ate the Thai lemongrass beef salad with rice noodles and spicy lime vinaigrette. Oh my, YUM! It had the right amount of kick without being overwhelming. The meal filled me up yet didn’t leave me feeling stuffed, which is how it should be.  The portions are substantial and generally more than I would typically eat for lunch, however after a long run, I appreciated that. But again, I was never left feeling over-full, just satisfied. FKD has an option to add extra protein to a particular meal which is especially helpful for our family while my husband is training as hard as he is and eating anything that isn’t nailed down.

Fit Kitchen Direct MealToward the end of the week I wondered if the meals would still taste as good and natural as they had the day after they were delivered. Sure enough, they did. The words that kept coming to mind as I devoured the food were fresh and flavorful. The meals were similar to what I would cook for my own family. It isn’t a fad diet, following the lead of the current hot trend. The meals are nutritious, flavorful and thoughtfully prepared as part of a healthy lifestyle. Fit Kitchen Direct will allow me to get out of the kitchen, say yes to my son’s 5 p.m. request to shoot hoops while still being able to have a healthy, fresh, satisfying meal ready when my tired, hungry husband literally rolls through the door!

Special Reader Offer 

If you’re curious to try Fit Kitchen Direct for yourself (or maybe a new mom you know), I have good news! They want you to enjoy 10% off your first order (I already placed mine)! Just use the code Portlandmomsblog when you place your order online. Then, enjoy the extra time in your busy schedule! 
And just in time for Mother’s Day, enjoy 25% off when you place an order between April 29 – May 5 for Mother’s Day delivery on Sunday, May 8! Use the code mothersday to help a mama out for a week!