Krista Hagenbuch Rider

Krista Hagenbuch Rider
Krista is a SAHM to a Lego & Ninja loving 7 year old son. She and her husband Scott have been married 10 years and make their home in NE Portland. Krista is a runner and enjoys cooking, reading, and shopping Farmers Markets. She loves Jesus, the ocean air on her face and the smell of coffee brewing. Her guilty pleasures are red wine, Honey Mamas raw fudge and watching Scandal, sometimes all three at once!
Mother's Day

The Ghosts of Mother’s Day Past, Present, and Future

A day to celebrate motherhood, mother figures, and the mothers in our lives. Yes, Mother's Day is near. The word mother is a noun, adjective, and a verb. It's not just who we are, but what...

What to Consider When Considering Kindergarten

To kindergarten or not to kindergarten? That is a question for many parents with children who have birthdays on the months immediately preceding the cutoff date. In a time when expectations of young children are increasing, and...
tea houses

The Tea House: A Mama’s Respite

Coffee is a staple in my life. It is my go-to for forward motion; it propels me into the day by telling me, wake up and get busy! Tea, however, says to me sit,...
groundhog day

A Groundhog Day Tradition

Groundhog Day is a special holiday for my family, with a memorable, fun tradition from my childhood. The telephone would ring several times before it was answered. I could visualize my grandma making her way through her...

Hello, Advice Nurse? When Concern is Greeted with Compassion

While I do not yet consider myself a seasoned mom, I also no longer feel like a new mom, either. Grateful for the growing confidence I project (most days), I smile when I reflect on...
return to work

Returning to Work After Seven Years: The First Four Weeks

The idea of returning to work after being home with my son since his birth seven years ago was just that, an idea. There were dreams of what I'd do and where. The idea never...
athletic shorts

Rage Against Athletic Shorts: A Boy Mom Confession

Seven years into motherhood and I find myself in contention with an unwavering opponent; one that is more fierce than Lego pieces, more resilient than a stuck Band-Aid. I feel ill-prepared. After all, I...
Grandparents Day

The Gift of Grandparents

Grandparents and gifts; two words that often go together. On Grandparents Day, I find myself reflecting not back on my own relationships, but at the relationships my son is building with all six of...

Winning the Mom Olympics

The XXXI Summer Olympics are upon us. The world's greatest athletes are gathering in Rio de Janeiro to display their best and compete for the coveted gold medals. Eight weeks into summer, I feel like we have...

When You’re Fatherless on Father’s Day

Despite the fact that it was four years ago, I remember so clearly spinning the rack, looking for a Father's Day card for my husband. One caught my eye and as soon as I...