Katie moved to Portland from Chicago 5 years ago. She has a 12-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son as well as a 21-year-old stepdaughter. She is a freelance advertising producer, blogger, and avid school volunteer constantly adjusting to find balance. When she isn’t shuttling kids to sports or navigating college applications she can be found at one of Portland’s amazing coffee shops reading some YA fiction or out for a run contemplating life and why Portlanders don’t like to cross the river. You can follow Katie on Twitter and Instagram @iportlanded and read her occasional musings on her personal blog at Portlanded.net
Class Halloween Party

Throwing a KILLER Class Halloween Party

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and my kid's class Halloween party is the perfect place to let my excitement out. After years of throwing class parties, I have it down to a system. For a...
Four middle girls with backpacks walking away down a sidewalk

An Open Letter to My Daughter Starting Middle School

To My Daughter, Welcome to middle school. These are exciting years of change and growth. You know you’ll always be my little girl and I will protect you whenever I can. That said, I can't protect...
Paper cups overflowing an outdoor garbage

No Waste November

What started as a plan to use up food in our house before holiday travel is now an annual tradition of lightening our footprint prior to the holiday excess. Last November, my daughter and...
mango smoothies

Camp Tonsafun Is Here to Save Your Summer

Camp Tonsafun is here to save your summer and make a mess of your kitchen... in the very best way possible. When our partners at Comcast reached out to tell me about Camp Tonsafun...

Magical Camps and Some for Muggles, Too

There may still be snow on Mt. Hood, but our partners at Saturday Academy have me thinking about summer already! Summer planning can be a balancing act. My kids keep saying they just want to swim...
The Kid with the Football

4 Ways Youth Football Surprised Me

My son decided in 3rd grade he was done with soccer and wanted to play youth football. His friends were all sticking to soccer and he still loved to play, but a poster of...
Laundry Care is Self Care

Laundry Care Is Self-Care

I was recently contacted by Laundry Care to try out their laundry service. I was a little reluctant because I'm pretty particular about my laundry and feel like it's something I should do myself....
dad gifts

Portland Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is just around the corner, and we all know Portland dads aren't just any dads. They work hard, play hard, and dad hard so we've put together some mostly local gift ideas...

That’s it. I’m Joining the Circus!

There are days I feel like I'm walking the highwire balancing school, spring sports, birthday parties, work, and trying to have a life that isn't all about the kids. Since I can't join the...
National Parks

Exploring National Parks with Kids

I'm making this our year to explore national parks thanks to the 4th grade Every Kid in a Park program. I always enjoy going to state or national parks when we travel, but the annual...