Magical Camps and Some for Muggles, Too

Get ready for summer with some of the amazing camps offered by our partners at Saturday Academy! We think you'll love their 2020 lineup -- and your kids will, too!

There may still be snow on Mt. Hood, but our partners at Saturday Academy have me thinking about summer already!

Summer planning can be a balancing act. My kids keep saying they just want to swim and relax this summer; I worry about the summer slide. Then, I read them some of the camps being offered by Saturday Academy, and I think we’ve found a middle ground everyone is excited about — and frankly one that makes me want to be a kid again!

Saturday Academy camps offer hands-on opportunities designed to inspire curiosity in science, technology, engineering, math and the arts. I hear enrichment opportunities; all my kids hear is potions, sports, and 3D printers. And that is a good thing!

Check Out These Camps!

Warthogs School of Wizardry and Science (Grades 5-7)
Have you heard of the secret sister school to Hogwarts? Delve into Harry Potter lore and discover the mystery and magic that science holds through hands-on experiments. Core classes include herbology, alchemy, and potions with advanced focus on “arithmancy” and care of common creatures.

Conservation Biology Camp (Grades 3-5)
Learn why biologists believe 50% of Earth’s species will be extinct by 2100, why it’s important to address biodiversity loss,  and what can be done to prevent it. From sea turtles to wolves, get a local view of cutting-edge conservation science and plan to make a difference.

TinkerLab (Grades 5-7)
Exercise your creativity and explore a wide range of tools and techniques including the 3D printer, CNC router, computer-aided design (CAD), electronic circuit design, dying fabric, weaving, and more.

Sports Science Camp (Grades 7-9)
Do you love sports? Explore careers in sports medicine, communication and sports-gear design. Meet medical physicians, athletic shoe designers and newscasters while on the job and during a tour state-of-the-art labs on the science of movement. Learn what it takes to support the sports and athletes we love.

STEAM Chic (Girls only – Grades 4-6)
Join other girls in a week of hands-on explorations and projects in science, tech, engineering and more. Discover how animals adapt to survive, and how you can build and program robots that can solve challenges. Immerse yourself in coding simple puzzles and games, and create art from the beauty of math.

These are just a few of the camps offered at Saturday Academy. Check out all of the great summer camps here!


  1. A wizarding camp?! I can’t wait for my kids to be old enough to take them to that…and then awkwardly hang out way too long to see what they do!

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