Laundry Care Is Self-Care

Portland Moms Blog loves to share businesses and service that make life as moms easier. Laundry Care sponsored this post, but the content and opinions are our own!

I was recently contacted by Laundry Care to try out their laundry service. I was a little reluctant because I’m pretty particular about my laundry and feel like it’s something I should do myself. I had to ask myself why? I outsource cleaning from time to time. I outsource some yard work. Why did it seem so odd to outsource my laundry? I discovered using Laundry Care freed up some time for self-care!

Upon returning from a trip to Crater Lake I decided it was time to give it a try. I stuffed all of our campfire-smelling clothing into the Laundry Care bags. I was surprised how much fit in them. Since I had lots of extra room, I took my son’s entire hamper and put that in there too. Of course, I had to pull the slime, paper bits, and baseball cards out of his pockets first.

I went online and set up a Laundry Care account. It was easy and fast. Then I selected a pick-up time and drop-off time. For the lowest pricing, I chose the 48-hour option. 

The next day, my driver Julie called me to let me know a more precise time she would arrive within my one-hour window. She was so friendly and double-checked the special instructions I had entered online. 

While Laundry Care worked on the clothes, I washed our sleeping bags from the Crater Lake trip and hung them out to dry. Is it possible I was going to have all of the vacation laundry done after only two days? 

Before I knew it, Julie called again to let me know she was on her way with my clothes. They arrived back clean, neatly folded, and without the not-so-subtle smell of camp smoke. She even returned the shirts and jackets on hangers!

Instead of spending a week catching up on vacation laundry, I had it done in two days and was able to relax and enjoy some time with my kids before packing them for summer camp and starting the cycle all over again.

Here are a few other things I learned about Laundry Care:

  • They provide up to 50 free hangers with your order.
  • They offer gift cards! I think I found my go-to gift for new moms and college kids.
  • Some of the special requests Laundry Care clients ask for are Marie Kondo folding, dye-free/fragrance-free detergent, dryer balls vs. fabric softener, hang to dry, and laundry sorted a certain way upon return.

PMB Readers can try Laundry Care service at a discounted rate! For 15% off, enter PDXMOM15 at checkout.


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