Jenelle Woodlief is a Self-Care and Empowerment Coach, passionate about empowering you to put yourself at the top of your priority list. No stranger to the struggles of motherhood, Jenelle has healed her own traumas and managed family crises through embracing radical self-care. She figured it out the hard way and is leading a community of empowered women who empower others through her Empowered Group Coaching program. Jenelle is also a Licensed Massage Therapist in Portland, and guides clients through Bodywork Coaching to transform the body and heal from pain. You can follow her on her website, Instagram @jenelle.woodlief, or join her Facebook community, Self-Care Revolution for Empowered Women.
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Quieting Your Inner Critic

What lies does your inner critic tell you? If you're anything like me, mine like to pop up to claim that I'm not enough. I'm not doing enough, I'm failing. It usually visits when I'm...
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Plan YOUR Back-to-School Self-Care

I’m in the midst of back-to-school planning, logistically and mentally. Buying school supplies, planning lunches, making sure everyone has clothes and shoes that fit, and strategizing schedules. If you’re like me, you’ve already begun...
From Joy to Terror: the Emotional Toll of a High Needs Child

From Joy to Terror: The Emotional Toll of a High Needs Child

Raising kids is hard. They reveal areas needing growth, challenge us to the very core, trigger past trauma, and threaten our sanity every day.  Then when you have a high needs child, it adds another...
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Show Up for Yourself to Show Up for Your Kids

Self-Care Secrets: Grounding rituals Self-care is both a simple system of prioritizing yourself and yet a radical act of self-empowerment. Self-care often requires us to dismantle society’s messaging that as mothers we have to backburner...

Three Pillars of Self-Care – No Matter What Life Throws at You

Part 1 of 3: Boundaries Self-care can feel overwhelming, like one more thing on your to-do list. Especially when life turns chaotic, such as entering a global pandemic AND the collective trauma of racial injustice. It...
Self-Care Is Loving Yourself - Heart on Wire

Self-Care Is Loving Yourself

We all know the importance of self-care. And yet, it still feels a little unattainable to many. I hear some version of these stories more times than I can count: I’m too overwhelmed. My...

Processing Pain While Mothering

There are no better performers than moms hiding pain from their children. And I’m a rock star.  And like you, I’m a really a good mom (never mind my 6-year old calling me a “poopy-butt”...

I’m Sorry. No, Thank You.

To me, single motherhood can be summed up in one word: Late. I wake up late, the kids are never to school on time, I spend most of my day running behind, I go to...