Anna Demouchet, CDFA® is a Conscious Uncoupling™ & Co-Parenting Coach, a co-parent to a magical little gal, and a foster mom many times over. She is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® and Spiritual Teacher creating a new paradigm of peace, love, and empowerment in divorce and co-parenting. She helps parents navigate the financial, logistical and emotional aspects of divorce and co-parenting in a heart-centered, child-centered way, so they can find peace and healing instead of guilt and overwhelm. You can join her MeWe community for free resources and support, and learn more at
Christmas Cookies

A Co-Parenting Christmas

If this is your first holiday season after a separation, you may feel sad, lost, or overwhelmed thinking of your former traditions, wondering if you will be able to give your kids a happy...
Dinner Table with Food

Blended Family, Crowded Table?

With the holidays approaching quicker than we can believe, it’s time to start planning the family gatherings! For some, the thoughts of togetherness fills them with joy. For others, it brings a sense of...
Woman Staring Out Window

Couples In Crisis

In "The Art of Surrender", I talked about this unprecedented time; the deep fear, grief and pain that is surfacing for so many at this time. The new normal of working from home, managing...
Woman in Nature at Lake - The Art of Surrender

The Art of Surrender

We keep saying we are living in an unprecedented time, and as much as I hate to overuse that term, it’s really the only accurate description of life in this moment. We have never experienced...

The Apple Experiment and the Power of Kindness!

A few months ago, a friend posted an experiment they did with their kids on social media, and I knew I must try it. The experiment? Testing the effects of positive and negative energy...
Father's Day

The Many Faces of Father’s Day

For many of us, Father’s Day is a fun holiday to honor and celebrate life and the people we love. But for some, it’s a painful reminder of loss or a difficult family dynamic. There...
Kid at Computer Staying Connected

Together While Apart: Fun Ways to Keep Your Kids Connected to Family (and Friends!)...

During this time of the coronavirus and quarantines, we need to think outside the box about how to keep our kids connected to the important people in their lives. Many kids are missing visits...