The Art of Surrender


We keep saying we are living in an unprecedented time, and as much as I hate to overuse that term, it’s really the only accurate description of life in this moment.

We have never experienced such an upheaval of so many facets of life all at the same time, and with the added collective state of such deep fear, grief, and pain, it seems like life is almost falling apart. And in some ways, it is.

From an energetic standpoint, what is happening right now is the falling away of everything that does not serve us, which includes coping mechanisms, misaligned jobs, relationships, and ways of being. Everything that is not aligned is crumbling and everything that was hidden is now in plain sight. This includes old buried emotional wounds, pain, and grief from long ago, both individually and collectively.

Woman in Nature at Lake - The Art of SurrenderAnd where this is showing up the most is in our relationships and how hard life feels right now. Our partners and our children are our mirrors – they show us what within us needs to be seen and healed. Some of us are now together 24/7-365 – a constant mirror of our wounds and pain. It can feel like too much, especially within the “new normal” of working from home while schooling our children at home, yet again. Or losing a job or business or a way of life and at the same time trying to be everything for everyone.

Many people are lost in their pain, trapped in blame and projecting their wounds onto their partners. Others are the receivers of these projections and feeling absolutely helpless or angry at the unwarranted blame. Others are simply at their wits end, completely depleted from doing “all the things”.

Wherever you are, it’s OK. You will be OK.

Facing the Shadows

This is a time of reckoning, reconnecting, healing, letting go. The shadows are being brought to the light and we are being asked to face and heal that which has been hidden for so long, and to let go of what no longer serves us. And it is painful, and scary, but oh so necessary.

We are being asked to look at wounds from childhood, lifetime wounds, entire ways of being. And, it is all happening for us. For us to finally give our wounded inner child the space to be seen and heard and validated, for us to finally feel the pain that we’ve stuffed down for too long. For us to finally recognize and reclaim who we truly are instead of who life told us to be. Allow this time to change you, to release what isn’t truly you, and all that is not meant to be yours.

How to Begin

But where do we start? Start within. Start with yourself. Surrender into what is happening – let go of everything that is falling away and be with whatever is coming up for you in this process. Be with the sadness, the grief, the fear the unknown. Love the wounded part of yourself and take the time to heal and grieve what is no longer. Get help – find a mentor, therapist, healer, coach and dive in headfirst, as the only way out, is through.

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