The Apple Experiment and the Power of Kindness!

Apple Experiment 4.29
Apple Experiment 7.2

A few months ago, a friend posted an experiment they did with their kids on social media, and I knew I must try it. The experiment? Testing the effects of positive and negative energy on an apple.

This was intriguing to me, as I am familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese Scientist who showed us the effects of thoughts and intentions on water molecules (if you aren’t familiar with his work, look it up – it’s fascinating!). And, the many similar studies involving plants and positive words, uplifting music, and the like.

I’ve always been a fan of quantum physics, and proving that energy has power is my absolute favorite, especially when it involves showing our kiddos the power of positive and negative thoughts and words. So, as soon as we heard about this, we started our own!

Here’s how it works:

1) Take any ordinary apple and cut it in half
2) Put one half in a sealed mason jar or other clear air-tight container, and the other half in an identical container (the containers must be the same, and they need to be clear so you can still see the apple)
3) Label one as the “good apple” and one as the “bad apple”
4) Send only kind, positive energy and words to the good apple, and only negative words and energy to the bad apple
5) Watch and see what happens!!! You will be amazed, and you will have a constant reference point for the importance of practicing kindness!

We have had this experiment going for more than 8 weeks now. And honestly, it was very hard for me. I live the concept of love and oneness at such a deep level, I could not be mean to the “bad apple” (yes, really). So instead, I just told it it would rot, and we put it in a corner all by itself.

With the “good apple”, we showered it with love, prayers and positive vibes! The kids drew pictures and wrote love notes for it, set up a special little bed and gave it love rocks and stickers, and boy did it thrive! Only recently could you even tell that it wasn’t a brand-new apple, it was astonishing. And, the bad apple? Well, you can see from the picture that it quite literally wasted away. It’s disgusting, moldy, and really, really gross!

Before we started, everyone was very skeptical that anything would happen, but now there is no denying it – energy matters and words have power. And now we have a great reminder whenever the kids are being unkind or processing their feelings in a negative way (yelling and hitting instead of talking through their feelings, deep breathing and taking breaks). We say, “Remember the apple!”, and sometimes even jokingly say, “Don’t bad apple me!”

Try it with your kiddos – you won’t be disappointed!

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