Originally from the UK, Sam moved to a 10 acre homestead after 10 years of traveling the world and working internationally. She is a wife and mother to 4 little people, ages 7,6,4 and 2 Sam is the author of a lifestyle blog which follows the journey of their family of 6 as they commit themselves to a greener way of life, a more minimalist existence, quality in their day-to-day, and embracing their natural world with bare feet and dirty hands. To connect with Sam visit her on her blog, Facebook and Instagram @littlegreenlives
craft materials of paint, brushed, and paper in fall colors

Five Kid-Friendly Crafts to Make This Fall and Winter

We have the fall feels going on in our home right now. I sit here sipping my big mug of hot tea, with cozy slippers on, the leaves on the trees outside are turning...
green back to school

A Green Back-to-School Guide

It is that time again when the new school year looms. You can almost see the dollars evaporating from your purse. You write that list, hit the shops, and pay what's necessary to get...
aerial image of picnic baskets with snacks in zero-waste containers

12 Zero-Waste Summer Snack and Picnic Ideas

As the mom of four little people, a considerable amount of my time and energy goes into feeding the kiddies. I swear some days it’s ALL I do. Plan meals, prepare food, serve food,...
Child in sweater standing on a bridge with binoculars

The Magic of Spring for Kids: 8 Ways to Connect Your Kids to Nature

The gently warming sun, the chorus of newly returned birds, buds of new life adorning fruit trees and poised to explode with vivid greens. Spring is here; the perfect antidote to long grey days...
Hands holding a phone looking at Instagram

How Social Media Is Changing Our Motherhood Experience

“Just give me two minutes,” I say to my son and frantically add hashtags to my Instagram post for the day. #lifestyleblogger #motherhoodthroughinstagram. Is anyone else guilty of this? How about a quick check...
Zero Waste Containers

Going Zero Waste: A Beginner’s Guide for Busy Portland Moms

You're busy. You're not sure you have the time, energy, or finances to live zero waste. I get it. But we can all start somewhere. Introducing even small lifestyle changes in the daily whirlwind...
Earth-Friendly Gifts

Five Simple Ways to Help Save the Planet This Christmas

I don't want this to be just another sustainable Christmas post you think about for two seconds then head off to do your Christmas shopping. I want this post to stay in your mind, capture your imagination, and...

Reflecting on Our First Year of Homeschooling

Sitting at our homeschooling table, my desk is strewn with books and blocks and colours, and on the floor sits a pile of books and cushions. We have completed our first year of homeschooling....

Sustainable Kitchen: Save Time, Energy & Money While Reducing Your Environmental Impact

The kitchen for most families is the hub of activity, the place where families and friends are brought together to enjoy good food and wine. It's where refrigerators and pantries store raw ingredients and...

10 Ways to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Having Kids

Did you know that the carbon impact of a child born in the US is more than 160 times the impact of a child born in Bangladesh? When you consider for a second the...