Originally from the UK, Sam moved to a 10 acre homestead after 10 years of traveling the world and working internationally. She is a wife and mother to 4 little people, ages 7,6,4 and 2 Sam is the author of a lifestyle blog which follows the journey of their family of 6 as they commit themselves to a greener way of life, a more minimalist existence, quality in their day-to-day, and embracing their natural world with bare feet and dirty hands. To connect with Sam visit her on her blog, Facebook and Instagram @littlegreenlives
within your means

The Joy of Living Within Your Means

Have you ever performed that agonizing, but totally necessary task of auditing your personal finances? I don't mean just the big ticket items and expenditures, but right down to the nitty-gritty, the dollars spent...
happy family

The Secret of a Good Day

I've learned many things about parenting and relationships since becoming a mother six years ago. I've also learned a good deal about myself; my strengths and capacities. The most important lesson, however, was also...

Can We Afford to Homeschool our Kids? Can We Afford not to?!

When I say the word homeschool, what image does it conjure up for you? For me it’s a picture of smiling kids sitting around the kitchen table, painting with watercolors while drinking raw cow’s...
slow living

How Slow Living Changes Your Motherhood Experience

Slow living. Is that actually a thing? Because does anything about life and being a mom feel 'slow?!' From the early morning school hustle, gobbling toast while wrangling a two-year-old into socks, downing your morning...

Raising Worldly Kids vs. Sheltering Them From Reality: A Parents Dilemma

Laying out the card on the kitchen table and preparing to make our March for Our Lives banners, I paused. For weeks I had been planning for our family to be part of the...
vegetable garden

Digging a Vegetable Garden Will Make You a Rock Star Mom

There is something powerful about soil-covered toes and dirty finger nails. They say these feet and hands are one with nature. Spring is looming. You can feel it in the air, can’t you? Buds are...
a good wife

How to be a Good Wife, Even After Having Kids

I can promise that I will love him everyday, though that love might not look like hugs and kisses and thoughtful gifts. I can promise to respect him and his hopes and dreams, even...

12 Easy Ways for Busy Moms to Go Green this Christmas

Mothering during a 'quiet' time of the year can be all-consuming, exhausting, and a challenge of endurance and ingenuity. Then, as the festive period approaches, we’re expected to find extra hours in our days...
frugal lifestyle

The Benefits of a Frugal Lifestyle For Kids

My mum recently confided in me that she still suffers guilt from my brother and my very 'humble' childhood. My parents couldn't really afford all the latest toys; instead we spent hours in the...