Heather lives, writes and raises children in sunny Bend. Her 7-year-old son says that her superpowers are cooking and comforting. Her 9-year-old daughter says that if Heather was a flavor she would be sweet and sour. That pretty much sums it up. You can read more of her writing at www.heather-mcpherson-writing.net. When she's not writing or Mom-ing, Heather works as a nonprofit fundraiser. In her free time, she enjoys long books, short hikes, expensive pastries, and cheap wine.
spring in Portland

8 Ways to Celebrate Spring in Portland

“My favorite holiday is spring,” my daughter declared when she was five. I looked at daffodils poking up through the mud, robins flying from tree to tree, and the sun breaks peeking through the...
Self-care in a crisis

How a Crisis Taught Me to (Finally) Embrace Self-Care

One week last July, my husband and I separated. The next week, I started a new job. It's an understatement to say it was an overwhelming time for my family. My kids and I...
Winter Wonderland

The Mountains Are Calling: Four Winter Wonderland Adventures in Bend

If you’re craving some winter wonderland adventure this December through March, look no further than sunny Bend in Central Oregon. Sure, it’s a bit of a drive from Portland, but it’s a great place...

Why I Still Love to Read to My BIG Kids

Ahhh, bedtime. Since becoming a parent, I’ve always looked forward to this precious time of day. When my kiddos were small and needed so-many-things and so-much-supervision, bedtime meant that I got a break. Today...
yoga retreats

Five PNW Yoga Retreats for Moms

Self-care is something that is overlooked as a mama. We tend to take care of everyone else, including the animals, before ourselves. Finding the time to add in a trip to the gym, getting...
8 Great Parenting Podcasts

Eight Parenting Podcasts to Get You Through the Day

Washing dishes, driving carpool, pushing the kids on the swings. So many parenting tasks are mindless, repetitive, and well, boring. My lifesaver to get through the boring parts of motherhood is a good podcast.  You're...
Giving a lifeline of Empathy

Uncross Your Arms and Reach Out to Another Mom

Stamped feet and hands on hips, my three-year-old and I were locked in a power struggle across the daycare parking lot. I am the parent and he is the child but I was a...
central oregon

FIVE Fun, Family-Friendly Things to do in Bend, Oregon

Mountains, pine trees, crisp blue sky - all enjoyed before a burger and beer at a local brewery. What’s not to love about Central Oregon? It’s an outdoor playground for kids and adults. Recently...