Sara is a self-dubbed “child of the Northwest” having grown up in various parts of Oregon and Washington. Aside from brief stints living in Bordeaux, France and upstate New York, Portland has been her home since college, and she feels at home in its unique combo of wackiness and environmental activism. Sara has been passionate about green living since she was a teenager sneaking recycle bins into the classrooms of teachers reluctant to follow the three Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle. Now as a mom of two energetic girl sprites disguised as children (aged 2 and 4) Sara spends her days balancing green living priorities with the realities of being a busy mom (kale in the mac n’ cheese!). You can read about her adventures in green living on her blog,

20+ Ways to Make the Most of Your Daily Parenting Routine

Day-to-day parenting can at times feel like a scene out of the movie Groundhog Day. While there might be slight differences each day during the school year grind, the days can start to blur...

2 Easy and Fun Outdoor Nature Art Projects for the Fall and Winter

While my children love nature, their enthusiasm for outdoor activities definitely calms with the arrival of fall and winter’s rainy and chilly days. This time of year, getting my girls outside is a priority....
showing up hugging

The Most Important Work of a Parent is Showing Up

It’s midnight in Minnesota and my four-year-old daughter can’t sleep. I thought my day was almost done, but my daughter has a lesson to teach me about what showing up as a parent really...
homemade popsicles

Cool Down With The Perfect Homemade Summer Snack!

Summer is here, and it is fun and busy! As a mom of two constantly moving and hungry sprites, I’m always looking for easy and healthy snack ideas. Enter popsicles; portable, delicious, and something...

The Humbling Experience That Made Me Stop Judging Other Moms

Judging other moms wasn't on my list of to-dos when I set out on my path to motherhood, but it definitely happened. When my daughter was first born, incredible amounts of panic accompanied the abundant...

Tiptoe Like a Chicken: Using Play to Parent

The two to four-year-old age group is unique. Sandwiched somewhere between baby and kid, their impulse control and ability to express and regulate emotions are still developing. This can be a challenge for parents...

Why I Stopped Lying to My Daughter

Lying to kids isn’t a new concept. From funny lies like “the Halloween Goblin ate the rest of your candy,” to seasonal lies like “the Elf on the Shelf is watching,” to exasperated lies...