Kyira Wackett is a licensed mental health therapist, facilitator and creator who has been working in the field of mental health for over 10 years. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband, Jordan and her daughter, Everly. She is the owner of Adversity Rising where she equips people with the skills and tools to live a life on purpose. Her areas of expertise lie in communication, boundary setting, distress tolerance, forgiveness (self and others) and cognitive reframe and empowerment. As a therapist, she specializes in treating people with eating disorders, anxiety disorders and trauma. She believes that all of us have the capacity to author our own stories and relinquish the holds of shame, fear and anxiety if we can learn to do the hard work, sit in the discomfort to face our true selves, and trust the process.

Moving with Toddlers: 10 Ways to Support Them (And You) in the Process

I was unprepared for the barrage of tasks and to dos that came with buying a house. I mean, I knew it wasn't a small task. And with the market the way it is,...
Your girl looks distressed, sitting down and looking off camera

What Your Kids Are Actually Looking for When They Had a Hard Day

It's easy to minimize the pain of our kids. In our attempts to try and help them move through their distress, we can inadvertently put our own experiences and stories on them, which not...

Newborn Parents: Not Everything Can Be Tracked by an App

After our daughter Everly was born, we were obsessed with the Wonder Weeks app. It was awesome. It helped us track when she may be in a developmental milestone, what she was learning and how that...
Woman sits a table with pie in front of her, looking pensive

A Different Way to Think About Thanksgiving

Has anyone else found themselves rethinking holiday celebrations since having a kid? Do we want to celebrate "X"? What does this holiday mean to us? How will we explain this to our kids? And am...

What’s a Feelings Corner and How Can It Help You (and Your Toddler)?

Toddlers are busy. Their brains are doing so many amazing things, reaching significant milestones in their development and learning something new in basically a new body every day.  And, sometimes, that development can make life...
Child post vaccine

How to Make Your Little One’s Next Vaccine Less Stressful (for Both of You!)

Shots are hard. They can be scary and overwhelming for our kids and us. And yet, we wouldn’t do it if they weren’t incredibly important. So, how can we make your child's next doctor's appointment...
Young kid crying into his hands near a road

Managing Toddler Tantrums Without Breaking Down

They seem to come out of nowhere. Even if you can plan for or predict them, it doesn't take away their intensity.  There's the scream, the foot stomp, the aggressive "No," and that face that...
Parent reading book to children in bed

Books That Make the Hard & Necessary Conversations About Bodies & Identity More Approachable

Looking to start talking to your little ones about important — albeit tough — topics about their bodies (and bodies in general)? Many of us, myself included, feel a sense of stress and pressure when...
Caregiver feeding toddler

I Don’t Want More Kids, and That’s Okay

From the time people found out I was pregnant with Everly, I've been asked whether or not I want more kids. Usually, it’s less of an ask and more of an assumption that I...
Baby Looking in a Mirror

How to Raise Food Neutral & Body Positive Kids:: Part 2: Shifting Our Perspective

Welcome back for the second half of our two-part conversation on raising food-neutral and body-positive kids. If you haven’t had a chance to read Part 1, check it out here and learn about the...