Jennifer C.

In her lifetime, Jennifer has lived in the North, East, South, and West of the continental U.S. But the Pacific Northwest stole her heart when she was stationed in Washington with her husband who was in the Navy. Jennifer and Jeff have known each other for 16 years, since middle school, but they have been together for 5.5 years and married for 5 of those. They have an adorably rambunctious and frighteningly intelligent 3.5 year old daughter named Athena Rae. Athena was recently diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum. So, Jennifer and Jeff are learning the ropes kind of as they go, as they delve into the world of being special needs parents and advocates for their daughter. Jennifer is a stay at home mom who loves to read and write in any free time that might come her way throughout her days filled with her typical Momming errands and appointments. You can find her personal blog at

Raising a Friend: Modeling Good Relationships for Our Kids

Watching relationships ebb and flow in life is an interesting thing. Some friend and family relationships seem as natural as breathing, and then there are those you have to work a bit harder to...

I’m a PokeMom

There are those of us who have just dreamed of the day when they could catch a Pokemon in the wild. Likely when we were children and the little creatures were all the rage,...

I Miss My Speech-Delayed Child

Raising a speech-delayed child is very challenging. It is so much more than just getting them on the same level as other children. It can be failing to get through to them or them...

Why I’m Not Getting a Father’s Day Gift for My Husband

Some of us are easy to shop for. Slap some paint on a tiny hand, smoosh it against a piece of paper, and voila! Homemade art gift just for mama! (My fridge totally looks like...
mothers day ideas stepping stones diy

DIY Mother’s Day Stepping Stones

Mother's Day is coming up, and since I am the crafty one in the family I decided to make some stepping stones for my backyard. My garden is just starting to bloom, and as...
light it up, autism awareness, april

Light it Up Any Color You Want, As Long As the Light of Autism...

Within the autism community, there are SO many people and also SO many different viewpoints on the issues. Things you might think the community as a whole should agree upon, right? Yeah, not so much....
Early Intervention Journey with Autism

Early Intervention and Our Journey with Autism

April is Autism Awareness month, and hand-in-hand with Autism is Early Intervention Services. Early intervention (EI) is getting the therapy and the help for your child ASAP. The earlier the better, and I can tell...

Combating The Sanctimommy Movement

I can't say when the Sanctimommy Movement started precisely, but it probably had a finger in the pie of parenting since the dawn of time. It's understandable how it came to be with the...