Connie is motivated by, and built for relationships with others. She loves a good story, whether found in a book or hearing one from a friend over coffee. She holds a BA in Interpersonal Communications from Wheaton College in Illinois and is attending Portland Seminary to receive her Masters degree in Leadership. For well over a decade Connie has been enjoying life along side her best friend and husband, Taylor. Their love multiplied and in a 5-year span added four children to their tribe. She loves adventuring around the PNW with her family, and looks to grab hold of any opportunity to explore new territory. Connie is a writer and a speaker. More of her work can be found at or on Instagram @carmerding.
Portland Summer nights

Goodbye Summer Nights

Summer nights in our home have had a drastic impact on bedtimes. The sun stays up later and so do we, and I’ve loved it! Late night walks to get ice cream and sunset...

Write It Down: Name Your Goals and Dreams

The third row down on my bookshelf is full of a collection of old journals in many different shapes and sizes. I’ve been writing down my thoughts for years. I fondly remember the summer...

TEAM: Partnership in Parenting

It’s said marriage is like holding a mirror up to your life. Relationship with a spouse has a way of revealing things we may not see otherwise. And if marriage is a mirror, then...

Mothers of Toddlers, This One is For You…

It took exchanging more text messages than usual to find a window of time to connect for our monthly phone chat. Juggling schedules and kids is always a bit of a dance, but the...

Becoming Brave: Modeling Courage for Our Kids

It is not uncommon for one of my kids to ask me to define a word for them. It happens daily. Their vocabulary is rapidly growing, but often words are used without understanding the...

Hospitality Is Food for the Soul

Hunger is constant. It can be satiated, but without fail, in a few short hours our stomachs growl again telling us it is time to eat. Just as our stomach is hungry for food,...

Quitting the Hustle: Finding Success in Lowered Expectations

I am a verbal processor. Recently, I was in the car “processing” this post with my husband, searching for the right word to convey what I was leaving behind in the wake of 2017....
difficult conversations

Fight to Be First: Tackling Difficult Conversations With Your Kids

I’m constantly breaking up arguments between my kids about who can be first. Whether they are running to the van to see who gets to ride shotgun, or pushing to the front of the...

Providing Security in the Midst of Change

The tears most readily appear at bedtime. The nighttime routine of tickling backs and saying our prayers often opens up a safe place to voice the suppressed rumblings deep inside. This past year has...
Fostering Independence

Releasing Control: Fostering Independence in our Kids

I vividly remember the conversation. My friend and I were standing in my kitchen, joking about how tempted we were make our six-year-old daughters drink of out sippy cups. Not because they didn’t know...