Autumn is a Pacific Northwest native, born and raised in Seattle before moving to Portland at twenty-eight. She met her husband within a week of the move, graduated from PSU the following year, and now is the proud momma of one baby boy and one medium-sized mutt who she admits, is much more popular on Instagram than she is. Autumn has been an outdoors enthusiast her entire life, thanks to adventurous parents. She summited her first peak at age eight and hasn’t looked back. A firm believer in getting kids into nature, she is looking forward to including her little one on future wilderness forays. Autumn’s husband is the chef at Portland’s well-loved Laurelhurst Market. A great dad who loves to cook at home, she clearly won the partner lottery as she can barely boil water without catastrophe. Autumn’s hobbies include hiking, camping, blogging, and battling her Instagram addiction.
dog park

Portland’s Top Four Dog Parks

The neighborhoods of Portland have plenty of parks that cater to our furry little friends, but for the sake of brevity, I have chosen one dog park per quadrant to focus on. Here are...
Nature Table

What is a Nature Table? And Four Reasons to Make One

A nature table is exactly what it sounds like: a tiny table where your little one can display all the natural wonders they find when out in the world. There are no particular dimensions...