School’s Out. What Now?


Welp. Here we are. We knew this day would come, but it’s finally here. End of the weirdest school year EVER. I call it the Frankenstein’s monster of education, but others call it things like “hybrid.” Whatever it is, I am happy it’s over.

Summer Break Day 1: Dear Diary, the kids are already bored. 

Can you believe how this season has affected everyone and everything? Now we can worry about fighting summer boredom instead of wondering if school will be normal in the fall – at least for now. We can start re-worrrying about that as summer draws to an end. 

What are your summer plans? We did something crazy. We bought an RV and are taking a six-week road trip. Why? What would possess us to do such a crazy thing with nine-year-old twin boys? Allow me to explain.

Circa 1983, my husband’s mom and grandma took him, his siblings and four cousins, seven kids in total, on a six-week motorhome adventure that took them from California to South Dakota for a family reunion. My husband has dreamed of being able to do this with his own kids someday, and everything came together in order to make it happen. 

Summer Break…Still Day 1: Dear Diary, the kids are still bored. How do I kill a week of boredom around the house before this six-week adventure?! 

Be on the lookout for my post later this summer as I regale you of tales from the road from Oregon to South Dakota. 

With hope,


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