Join Our Team: 2020 Open Call for Contributors


Are you a Portland-area mom or caregiver who loves writing? Are you interested in connecting with other parents, exploring creative writing, or sharing your special skill or area of expertise? Join our contributor team!

Open Call for Contributors 2020

Every mom has a story or knowledge of her own. It may be the mom who is savvy about  all the best hikes nearby, or the one who has killer organization tips, or the mom who has had some crazy life experience that resonates with others. Portland Mom Collective welcomes your know-how, grit, intuition, creativity, and insight.

PMC wants to hear from women from across the motherhood experience. For this open call, we aim to give space to the voices we aren’t yet publishing. If you enjoy writing, are passionate about motherhood, and don’t see your experience represented by our content, we’d love to hear from you.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a volunteer role that comes with great exposure, camaraderie with a community of writers, and other perks! You do not need to be a current blogger or professional writer to apply; we welcome anyone who enjoys writing no matter where they are in their journey.

How It Works

What you give

Joining our team of writers means PMC opens a slot for one original post byYOU each month. Your post must follow the PMC brand and mission guidelines and adhere to our network requirements, but the topic and direction  are up to you. We ask that our contributors reside within or near the Portland metro area, have a passion for connecting with people in our community, and are available for a minimum six-month commitment. Contributors must be open to connecting and interacting with other members of the PMC team in our private Facebook group for writers.

What you get

Monthly writers have a photo and bio included on our PMC contributor page.** You are welcome to include links to your own website and/or social media handles in your contributor bio, which will appear below all your posts and on your dedicated author page. PMC provides WordPress training to all new contributors. Writers may receive opportunities to review new products, attend exclusive events, or appear on news segments. We always provide professional editing on submitted content so your piece is polished and ready for publication.

**Once safety is no longer a concern, we hold a photoshoot of our team; each contributor will have the opportunity to receive an updated headshot.

What’s next?

Complete the application below; be sure to include a writing sample. The open call window is two weeks, after which point we will gather and review submissions. Please be patient, we want to be sure we give every submission proper consideration.

We are delighted by your interest in sharing your thoughts and experiences with the Portland Mom Collective community! Below are some guidelines to think over as you complete your application.

Think LOCAL | We love to keep our content relevant to the Portland area … or at least nearby for accessible escapes from the city. Post submissions can feature local places to go and things to do while more general topics (potty training, DIY, working, etc.) can be given a local twist simply because they are written by a local mom – YOU!

Think MOMS | Naturally, our target audience is made up of moms, and we aim to serve the woman behind the mother. We were all someone before we had kids and we’re still in there. If you have an idea that interests you and your friends, our readers would probably love to read about it, too!

Think COLLECTIVE | Think critically about ways to engage your audience and our community. Moms love hearing about the experiences of others and sharing their own; what are some ways to connect with readers? 

As you consider what content to submit as a sample with your application, there are a few rules:

  • Your sample submissions must be original work, written entirely by you. 
  • Your writing sample should be an example of something you’d like to share on the site (500-600 words). Write a personal narrative, a how-to article, a local review… there are tons of options! 
  • We do not publish content with any of the following: profanity, sexual language, political endorsement of a party or candidate, political commentary, and derogatory or inflammatory language.

Contributor Application

  • Please submit URLs where we can find some of your writing (your own website or published elsewhere). If you do not have published work online, please upload a document with samples using the button below.
  • Max. file size: 900 MB.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY