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PMB-team-featured-imageWe are thrilled you are here and can’t wait to connect with you. We hope you will find Portland Moms Blog to be a trusted local parenting resource as well as a place where you can find support, connect with others and be encouraged.

We are here for all Portland-area moms. For new moms and seasoned moms. For the potty-training moms and the sending kids off to school moms. For working moms and moms with kids facing special needs. For adoptive moms and even those still waiting to be moms. And we’re definitely here for the moms hiding from your kids in the bathroom right now because you need two minutes to yourself. No matter what your day brings, we hope to be one of the bright spots in it.

Each member of our team walked (and continues to walk) a different path to and through motherhood. But we recognize that we are all in this motherhood thing together. We have to be, because it’s hard enough to raise these amazing little humans without the mommy guilt and the comparisons. We’re like you—trying to figure things out and do what’s best, recognizing there are few “right” answers, but plenty of experiences from which we can learn and grow.

We’d love for you to get to know our founder and contributors, come back for fantastic giveaways, and stay tuned for events that will connect us in-person! You can keep up with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, and subscribe to our updates. And contact us any time; we would love to hear from you!

THANK YOU for stopping by. We’ll see you around!

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Jen is a Type A introvert who is continually learning {in large part as a result of motherhood} that she can’t control it all and that everything is better with chocolate. After spending most of her life in Minnesota, she made Portland home a couple of years ago along with her New York native husband, Phil, and their lovely littles, Connor (November 2010) and Brielle (April 2013). Jen quickly fell in love with Oregon and, along with her family, is determined to explore all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. At their current stage of family life, she and her hubby give every adventure a 50/50 shot of succeeding without a child {or parent} meltdown.


  1. I was excited to see your article in the news announcing this blog. I am new to the area and looking to connect with other moms and haven’t quite found a niche yet. I love how diversified your bloggers are.

    • Welcome, Amber! I’m glad you found us and look forward to connecting (hopefully in person) sometime soon!

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