Preparing for Childbirth: 5 Tips for Soon-To-Be Moms


Every pregnancy has its own share of joys and difficulties. When the adorable pregnancy announcements, lovely pregnancy photo shoots, and cute baby showers are over, it is time for soon-to-be moms to focus on your baby’s delivery. The truth is, preparing for childbirth can make some women anxious, especially if it is their first time. It gets more complex as your pregnancy reaches its final weeks. This is why it is really important to make advanced plans before that special delivery day comes.


Here are 5 helpful tips to prepare for labor and childbirth. For first-time moms, this could be your cheat-sheet in making sure you are ready when your sweet, little bundle of joy arrives!

1. Research Childbirth 

The world wide web has everything you need to acquire knowledge on giving birth. It’s true that when you come prepared, things will most likely turn out to be better than expected. Try to read about the birthing process and how you can cooperate with your health care team during your time of delivery.

Birthing preferences can also be planned depending on your choice and situation. You can undergo c-section, natural birth, water birth, home birth, and any other options available to you and your health care.

You may also consider attending childbirth classes that can be done alone or with your spouse. You’ll learn information on things like preparing for labor pain, common issues and scenarios on labor and delivery and aftercare.

2. Choose Your Health Care Team

Delivering your first baby is special and delicate. Finding the right support system is important to give you enough guidance through your pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Make sure to ask several medical professionals when you have questions regarding your birthing preferences. You may also choose to have a professionally-trained doula present at the birth. A doula can give you physical, emotional, and educational support which can make your pregnancy and childbirth less stressful.

3. Get Physically Ready for Labor

Labor can be very nerve-racking if you are unprepared for it. Your body needs training to ensure a smoother delivery. Low-impact exercises done at home can contribute a lot to a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. These exercises will also give you the strength to endure labor. Prenatal yoga, Kegels, pelvic tilts, and rhythmic breathing can also reduce pains and aches related to pregnancy and labor.

4. Prepare for the Big Day

Write down your birth plans (pain management, birthing preference, etc.) ahead of time and share it to your spouse and support group. Also, pack your bags with items needed for childbirth and 1-2 days of postpartum. Preparing these will make your journey to the delivery room hassle-free.

5. Be Ready for Life After Childbirth

Childbirth is just the beginning of more preparations to come. Some of the most important things to prepare after your new baby arrives are: having a pediatrician or family doctor check on your newborn, accepting scheduled help around the house (babysitter, maid, or relative), updating your health insurance to include your new addition (having a baby qualifies you for a Special Enrollment Period), and plan what your maternity break from work will look like for you.

Everything may seem difficult at first, but these tips on preparing for childbirth can give soon-to-be moms a simple way to overcome the hurdles of labor and delivery. Remember to ask for help whenever you feel weak or stressed. Hold on tight, the best moments are yet to come!