Why I Chose Canyon Medical Center For My Family


Canyon Medical Center naturopathic primary care facility and birthing center

{This post is sponsored by Canyon Medical Center. I received a free child wellness visit for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.}

When I was pregnant I told my husband I wanted a birth center. I’m terrified of hospitals and the last thing I needed was the added stress of cords, needles, machines, constant beeping, and that awful hospital smell. Like the amazing and supportive husband he is, we started looking for the perfect birth center. 

I interviewed four different birth centers before I stumbled across Canyon Medical Center. But from the moment I walked in, I knew this was it. They have the perfect mix throughout the entire center of “home” and “professional,” and to make it even more stellar, they are also a family medical practice. So while I was growing steadily over the next months and came in more and more often, it was not abnormal to see littles and whole families playing with the toys in the “lobby.” I use the term lobby loosely because they were very purposeful in making sure the layout of the center was open, welcoming, and inviting. There are even couches with tea and mugs for you!

Canyon Medical Center naturopathic primary care facility

It was comforting to me as a first time mom that I could sit in the exam room of my midwife at Canyon Medical Center on a super comfy couch while they spent an hour (yes, you get one whole hour!) going over everything. They asked questions, actually waited for the answers, and inquired about more than just my bodily functions before having me climb onto the exam table. They always made sure I had all my questions answered and any supplements they recommended before I left, but I never felt like “just a number.” Everyone is always warm and welcoming, and they make you feel important. Truly important. 

Giving Birth at Canyon Medical Center

Canyon Medical Center birthing center
The purple birth suite.
Canyon Medical Center birthing center
The green birth suite.

Canyon Medical Center has these beautiful, full-sized suites in the lower level of the building–separate from major foot traffic, with its own entrance and a little kitchenette for partners or parents while waiting. Each suite has a calming and homey feel with a queen sized bed, a giant birthing tub, large open showers and high toilets, a spa robe and squishy chairs. You feel at home, while still being in a professional, medical setting. They invite you to bring things you may use to relax – candles, music, pillows, even a snack. 

I loved that I rotated midwives and interns with each visit, because at Canyon Medical Center they don’t want you to feel stress because “your” midwife isn’t available. You know everyone, you get comfortable with everyone, and though you’ll naturally be drawn to one midwife over the others, it’s okay if she is gone during the birth because you STILL know the people delivering. But even more so, when I had my son they allowed ME to lead the full labor. Sure, I was checked regularly (and I did a natural birth so I was checked often), but I had the choice between the queen bed, the birthing tub, or the birthing chair. I chose the chair. It was what was most comfortable for my body…even though I’m sure it’s far from most comfortable for the midwives. They immediately placed my newborn on my chest and waited quite a while before letting daddy cut the cord (while my son was still on my chest). Nothing felt rushed or forced, and they did all the weighing and measuring at the foot of the bed after asking me if they could take him. It was always my choice, which was amazing.  

More Than Just a Birth Center…a Full Family Practice

But here’s the real kicker about Canyon Medical Center…they are a naturopathic medical center. Each of the doctors (yes, naturopathic doctors) practice preventive and healing methods first and foremost. Because they go beyond just a birthing center to a full family practice, I didn’t need to find yet another location to take my son after he was born. Or a place to send my husband when he was sick, or when I needed my IUD. They have such a huge spectrum of specialties including: midwifery, water birth, naturopathic primary care, convenient care, specialized screenings, acupuncture, massage therapy, lab & diagnostic services, weight loss, pregnancy and childbirth, IV medicine, injection therapies, dermatology and aesthetics, european modalities, western modalities, specialized pediatric medicine and physical medicine. It’s amazing knowing that they can take care of all that, and still make you feel like an important human being. 

Canyon Medical Center naturopathic primary care facility
They provide high quality, plant-based supplements to try and heal you before they will write a prescription.

My now two-year-old son has never gone to another clinic, so he feels comfortable and familiar there as well. When he was super sick last year, I wasn’t given a prescription or forced to give him a shot. He was given very high quality, plant-based supplements to boost his immune system and I was given tricks to help him heal faster. And you know what? They worked great! We had some supplements left over the next time he got a cold, but instead of worrying if it would be too powerful or dangerous because he wasn’t “super” sick I was able to use the same tricks and left over supplements to get him healthy again faster. No toxins, no weird chemicals, no gross “grape flavored” sugary stuff.

The doctors at Canyon Medical Center truly want you to be healthy from the inside out. So though they CAN and do write prescriptions, give vaccines, do IVs and practice all forms of Western medicine, they also seek to boost your immune system and find a natural way to heal you before they will write a prescription. Whether you prefer more natural treatment or Western medicine, they will respect your choice

In my opinion, Canyon Medical Center is easily one of the best medical facilities in the Portland metro area. They are experts in their fields, super professional and extremely skilled, but most important to me is the human factor. They want you to be truly healthy, make you feel welcomed, comfortable, and above all, important.


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  1. I also loved my experience with the midwives at Canyon. However, I want to urge everyone to just double and triple check your bills! Almost a year later we are still having billing issues and getting charged for things that should have been taken care of months ago. We got incorrectly billed way more times than is okay throughout our prenatal care and after my child was born.

    • Amanda, we are so sorry to hear about your frustrations regarding the billing and administrative services at Canyon Medical Center. Your comments are invaluable and we are so thankful for your feedback; we are just sorry it came at your expense.

      Your concern highlights issues we are aware of and such, we have chosen to switch billing services. This combined with other recent administrative overhauls have already proven to be a change for the better, albeit a somewhat challenging course to rebuild from. But we are extremely confident these changes and our love for what we do will set us on the right course.

      Again, we personally want to apologize for your experience and wish you and your family much health and happiness.

  2. I will admit, there were some billing issues sometimes. But you know how there are businesses who’s customer service is so unbelievably excellent, that you’re willing to glaze over inevitable hiccups?

    This is one of those businesses. It didn’t matter if I emailed, called or went in. If I EVER have a question or concern they are on the ball pretty much immediately.

    When I said “They always made sure I had all my questions answered and any supplements they recommended before I left, but I never felt like “just a number.” Everyone is always warm and welcoming, and they make you feel important. Truly important.” I meant it.

    Whether it is an admin thing, a medical thing, a billing thing, or a paranoid-new-parent thing…they take care of you. Completely.

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