Calling All Mompreneurs: Get to Work and Attend the Business Workroom


If you’re a business owner of any kind (or hope to become one), there are probably other business-savvy women and men who inspire you, coach you, and motivate you to achieve your goals. Learning from other successful business owners can have a significant role in your success–especially as you juggle career with family and other priorities. One such successful business woman (and mom) we want to introduce you to is Kim Flynn.

{Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Entrepreneur Simplified.} 

Kim runs a company called Entrepreneur Simplified, which specializes in helping business owners, entrepreneurs or those wanting to jump into business get on the right track. The company’s goal is to help educate business owners and entrepreneurs to the highest level they can to be the most successful they can. They are an assembled group of coaches and professors in all aspects of business working toward this goal. 

Entrepreneur Simplified Business Workroom Workshop

Kim started her business career way back as a freshman in college. She owned a tutoring company and started it from the ground up. She managed to get the company running so smoothly that she employed 50 people and only worked 3 hours a week. That is right–3 hours! She eventually sold that company and moved in to Entrepreneur Simplified.

Entrepreneur SimplifiedJoin the Business Workroom – FREE

Every month Entrepreneur Simplified hosts 2-4 live events in cities all over the nation teaching the basics of getting your company on track. Their workshops are free and teach things like marketing, product development, finance, leadership and more. Their team of expert coaches travel to the locations and teach the life-changing workshops, and they will be in Portland later this month!

Now that you’re intrigued, check out the Business Workroom website to learn more and register for this exciting event. You won’t want to miss it!