The Xfinity Smart Home of Your Dreams

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I love the Street of Dreams. I go every year and geek out over new design ideas, including the smart home tech stuff. I also geek out over the laundry room. Maybe it’s a mom thing? I’m really digging this industrial-farmhouse-Joanna-Gaines style that seems to be getting more and more popular. 
smart home
I’m a people watcher, and I always hear comments from fellow Street of Dreams attendees who call it the “street of unrealistic expectations,” and mumble criticisms of how the home is impractical, like “how on earth would you clean this?” Anyway, you get the point. This year’s show feels much more attainable and practical thanks to the Xfinity smart home. It doesn’t feel like it’s just for show. It feels like it was made for a real family, just like yours!
For starters, this smart home runs on one gig, making streaming is a breeze. The house was wired during the build with a closet designated for tech equipment, complete with fans keeps things hidden and cool. The central vacuum system keeps the equipment dust-free, as well (not to mention removing allergens and impurities from the air!) The hub of the house keeps things running smoothly. If businesses do this, why shouldn’t we do it in our homes to protect, care for, and increase the life of our tech? 
I also love how energy efficient the smart home is and the way it helps manage resources. The water system checks the weather and adjusts how much is used on the outdoor sprinkler system. And there are so many more ways a smart home can help save some money on utilities and monthly home expenses. 
Now, let’s get into gadgets. My favorite in the Xfinity smart home was the Brilliant Smart Switch. It connects with all devices; lights, Xfinity home security system, Sonos sound system and even the TV. Simply tell Alexa your request, or use it hands-on. Kids too quiet upstairs? Each switch has a camera, so you can see what your kiddos are up to! You can also check or control all of the home features from an app on your smart phone, making it so you can turn off your lights or check your security system while at work or out of town!
smart home
Do you have a Zen thermostat? We love ours, but I had not yet seen the smoke and carbon monoxide detector this Xfinity smart home has. At night time, it has a luminous glow, and if it detects smoke or carbon monoxide, it TELLS you. No more annoying beeps you have to try to distinguish between something harmful or just a low battery.
What’s more important than keeping our families safe? That is perhaps what I love most about the technology available to us. If you’re not a techie type, stop by your local Xfinity store. They have products on hand to demo, and their friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer all of your questions and concerns to help you get started in building your very own Xfinity smart home!

And check out Xfinity’s smart home at the Street of Dreams in Willsonville through August 25!

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