Cozy for Winter, Ready for “Sing!” {Sponsored by Xfinity}

Many thanks to our partners at Xfinity for helping us celebrate the season of "Sing!"

It is getting cold again here in the PNW… and I love it! It’s time for my favorite part of the season: building a fire. The smell of it, the way it glows, and the warmth it gives makes for a picture-perfect scene. A few weeks ago, we lit our first fire of the year. Our dogs were very curious as to what was going on (it was their first time seeing a fire like this!), but eventually they enjoyed settling into their warm, cozy spot in front of the hearth.

We looked like a holiday card, all cuddled up on the couch with the fire roaring. We knew that the next thing to make it better would be a movie. Any movie. As Xfinity customers, we were able to look through so. many. options, and find just the right film to fit the mood. 

My husband and I are kids-at-heart and we both love musicals, so we are always looking for fun movies that we can sing along with (don’t judge!). Without hesitation, we decided on the animated film Sing, so we could be ready for when the sequel, Sing 2, debuts in theaters later this month. We absolutely loved Sing; so much so that we snagged the soundtrack and have been singing along ever since!

Xfinity Rewards promotions ahead of Sing 2 release in theaters

Xfinity Rewards, a free rewards program available to Xfinity customers that offers a mix of special perks, discounts and experiences, is pulling out all the stops in anticipation of the sequel. Here’s the list of rewards we got to choose from as members, available through December 31, 2021:

  • $1 rental for the original Sing movie
  • free 30-day access to Stingray Karaoke, which delivers the ultimate karaoke experience
  • with nearly 20,000 songs — including a special playlist from 2016’s Sing (you know we
  • sang our hearts out in our living room!) and Sing 2, in theaters December 22
  • a Fandango promo code for discounted theater tickets to Sing 2
  • Sing 2 activity sheets for young viewers

Since we were having such a blast, I took the opportunity to share with my husband the story of the first time I ever tried to make holiday fireplace magic. I was around 16 or 17 years old, and my parents had left me in charge of my younger siblings for a stretch. To make it memorable, I thought a cute fire would be nice, so I loaded up the logs and set them aflame. Did I know how fireplaces work? No. Did I know I should have opened the flue before starting the fire? Also no.

Samuel and Perry smiling with Sing in the backgroundSmoke, everywhere! My teenage brain decided the best route would be to grab the (outdoor!) garden hose and drag it through the house to put out the flames. Naturally, my parents pulled up right as I was putting this brilliant plan into action.

I think my husband is still laughing.

But, if you are like me and you enjoy this colder part of the year accompanied by a comfy fire (without the hose!), consider pairing the awesome Xfinity Rewards options with your winter nights. And, if you like to sing along to movies like us, comment below so I know we are not alone!

Here’s to a great holiday season filled with love, laughter, warm fires, and great entertainment.

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