How Comcast Business Helps The Wiggle Room Run Smoother

Portland Moms Blog has partnered with Comcast to bring you the information in this post; we love sharing updates and information from businesses we trust, and the views expressed here are our own!

While planning to open our business, we knew we would need reliable and fast internet to allow our customers access to wifi while enjoying our space. As a small business, we also needed a service to keep track of expenses, perform various marketing tasks, book events, schedule employees, operate our point of sale system, and perform other essential business duties. When we were researching different options, Comcast Business kept coming up with the best package for our small business, and we decided to go with them.

The installation was completed quickly. They were very helpful in telling us how the system worked and taught us how to troubleshoot basic issues on our own. Our customers have enjoyed Comcast Business wifi now for almost two years. Families visiting The Wiggle Room love being able to jump online to get work done, check email, or browse the web while their children get their wiggles out at our indoor play space, and we receive many compliments on our dependable and speedy internet access.

comcast business

As business owners, we have really enjoyed the dependability of Comcast Business. It is always fast no matter how many customers are connected, which is essential to allow our business to run smoothly and provide our customers with an enjoyable experience. As an added security measure, Comcast allows us to run our business on a separate network for improved security.

On a recent visit to the Xfinity store in Bridgeport Village, I learned of a few more options for our Comcast Business account. One of these great features is our ability to connect with wifi even when we aren’t in the shop, using hot spots. This has come in handy for handling work like birthday party bookings and finances while we are away from the store. On a recent family trip to Chicago, we were able to use our business wifi to perform business duties on vacation. 

I also learned a great deal about all of the additional security measures at our disposal and the available options to regulate the content customers can view on our network. As small business owners, it’s vital to our business that our and our clients’ information is secure. It was reassuring to hear of all the extra steps Comcast takes to ensure its customers security. Running a business where children are present, we also have peace of mind knowing the online content our customers stream while in our shop can be filtered to block material unsuitable for children’s eyes.

Reliable and fast wifi is essential for running our business smoothly and offering internet access for our guests at The Wiggle Room. We are very pleased with Comcast Business, and I look forward to continuing to explore all the features available through them and even implementing some new things for our business.