Stuff Moms Say

Moms say the weirdest stuff to each other. Just met? EVEN BETTER. I have made friends out of complete strangers because of motherhood. Swapping recipes and parenting horror stories are just the tip of the iceberg! Does any of this sound familiar?
  • What’s your bedtime routine? Ours is a lot like Frodo and Sam taking the Ring to fires Mordor.
  • My kid will only eat dinosaur chicken nuggets or the McDonald’s ones that look like a boot.
  • Are you still nursing? What kind of nipple cream are you using?
  • Does your kid do chores? You have a chart? Does begging or bribery work best?
  • I like you. I like your kid. Let’s make this play date thing happen.
  • OMG. Let me tell you about my hysterectomy.

Who overshares more than moms? Well, our kids! They tell everything they know to complete strangers in the checkout lines of the grocery store. But we aren’t much better than them, are we? At playgrounds, car lines, public bathrooms, we commiserate with other moms. We love it because motherhood, as wonderful as it is, can be isolating. This sisterhood bond we share by raising tiny humans is pretty fun. It reminds me that we have far more in common than not.
I had an encounter with a judgmental mom at Target the other day. She told her kids very loudly, to make sure I heard it, that she did not want them doing what my child was doing. I think it really bugged me not only because it was rude, but because it broke the rules of our sacred sisterhood. It was unhelpful. Not to mention, she has NO IDEA about our story, our life and how far we’ve come.
If you aren’t oversharing with other moms, are you even a mom? What’s your fun overshare story? Where’d it happen? Was it with friends or a complete stranger? 
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