What Portland Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day


Ah, Mother’s Day. Twenty-four whole hours dedicated to celebrating us, the women who have embarked on the sacred journey of motherhood. The day when our children are perfectly behaved, we are lavished with gifts, our partners attuned to our every need, and the wait for a table at Mother’s Bistro is only ten minutes.

Mother's Day

Just kidding. I’m pretty sure that day doesn’t exist. In reality, Mother’s Day is often just like any other Sunday. Moms still work hard, kids still bicker, and somehow there are always chores that need to be done. So what would that perfect Mother’s Day look like? I asked the ladies of Portland Moms Blog to weigh in, and here is what some of them said:

“A day where none of the details are my responsibility. It should also involve a massage and champagne.”

“A king-size bed, brunch at a window table at Portland City Grill, a soak at Kennedy School or Higher Ground, time to browse at New Renaissance, a stroll along the waterfront, food cart dinner, and wine at a vineyard at sunset. I’d like my hubby to drive me from place to place and my girls with me but not my sole responsibility. Or a nap. A nap would also be good.”

“Breakfast in bed, a surprise (fun) trip for the day, and delicious lunch and dinners OUT. Oh, and super-duper well-behaved littles!”

“The perfect pair of leggings, no dishes, and Dave Matthews to perform in my living room. Throw in a glass of Pinot, too, please!”

“A staycation at a hotel suite (two rooms, one for kids one for adults) with a pool and jacuzzi. After frolicking in the pool and jacuzzi I want my kids to magically disappear so my husband and I can hang out. After that, I want him to magically disappear so I can binge watch some random show online.”

“A visit to grandma’s house, either grandma, someone to make me lunch, a good lunch (nothing out of a box, nothing from a restaurant), and an after lunch cleanup, too.”

The “unlimited songs” option on my Just Dance 2017 video game.”

As for me? I want a nap, a drink, and a few hours of complete silence. Ahhh… a mom can dream!

What do you think, Portland moms? What do you want for Mother’s Day?