Portland Dads Blog Takeover: 10 Things Dads Want This Father’s Day


My name is Jonathan and I am Wynter‘s husband. For Father’s Day week this year, I am taking over Portland Moms Blog with TEN fun ideas most men love that you can use to say thank you to your dad or the father of your kids for all he does. 

father's day1. Fishing!

This may not be at the top of every dad’s list for a Father’s Day activity, but it’s a great family activity. Even though the kids might act bored or fight, and dad gets frustrated and impatient, all he really wants is to teach them about provision and to watch them out-fish him. So cast a line with him and the kids!

father's day

2. Camping!

For an avid outdoorsman, moms should know camping is not just about being outside. For a father, it is about teaching and passing on traditions to his kids. Is he going to get frustrated? Yes! But only because things don’t go as smoothly as he hoped. Bring him a cup of coffee, a beer, or a shot of whiskey and just encourage him with a smile and appreciation.

3. Food and Beer!

You know how you want your husband to plan Mother’s Day, your birthday, or date night? The same principle applies here. For Father’s Day this year, plan an all-day food and beer excursion to his favorite spots with the kids and have the whole family make it about him. If you’re unsure where to go, just ask him.

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4. Sports!

Yes, I know, some dads gets sports all weekend and during the week, but not every man. Some dads love sports, played sports, and are still into sports, but just don’t make it our weekend priority because the family is more important. For those dad who miss just shutting everything off and taking in a game, why not check and see if a favorite local team has a game and take the family out to treat him? Or make a televised match an important event at home or at a public, family-friendly place this Father’s Day.

5. Movie Marathon!

Your partner, the father of your children, probably has his favorite shows the family doesn’t like. Movies like The Bourne Series, Die Hard, Star Wars, and Avengers. This Father’s Day give him a day of what he wants to watch…a movie marathon!

6. A New Toy!

If you are looking for ideas for the perfect Father’s Day gift, think of something he has always wanted but has never bought because he didn’t want to take away from the family. You know you can think of at least one thing. Maybe he wants a new lawn mower, that fancy gaming system, or the latest and greatest tech gadget. You don’t even have to spend a crazy amount of money. The important thing is thinking about something he wants and getting the kids involved.

Father's Day

7. A Day Off!

Sometimes dad just wants a day to do NOTHING! Even if he moans and complains about all that needs to get done, he could probably use an actual day off. So, give it to him on Father’s Day. Have the kids make him breakfast in bed, bring him coffee, ask what chore can be done so he doesn’t have to. And no matter how much he insists, don’t let him do a thing, unless it’s something to do with the fam that does not involve work.

8. Family!

Your husband has more family than just you and the kids. Maybe it’s been awhile since he’s seen or spent time with them. Maybe he wants to be with his father on Father’s Day. Don’t think he does not appreciate your family, or recognizes you have your own father to appreciate. Plan accordingly and openly. Share your needs and hear his and support each other.

9. Friends!

If your husband is like me, he is bad at spending time with his friends. I give it to all you women who do a far better job than some men at keeping up with your girls. Maybe your partner wants to have a guy’s day on Father’s Day. Let him.

10. What Not to Do!

Whatever you do, don’t remind him on Father’s Day what needs to be done around the house. Don’t second-guess what he wants to do on his day if it’s not what you envisioned, and try not to criticize how he’s spending his time. Avoid asking him to do chores, or forcing him to do something you know he does not want to just because the kids (or other family members) want to. If you go out for drinks, don’t make him be the designated driver. And, lastly, DO NOT ask him repeatedly what he wants to do (you know you dislike that.)

Ultimately, you know your dad and husband/partner/coparent the best. So take all that knowledge and make this Father’s Day the best you and the kids can to celebrate how much you appreciate him!

father's dayJonathan Kaiser is husband to Wynter and father to their kids Chloe, Adaya, and Liam. He lives in Forest Grove and is the craft beer mastermind behind Kaiser Brewing Company. When he’s not making beer or spending time with his family, Jonathan loves to hunt, fish, and smoke really good cigars!


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