New Year, New You…Or Not


As I sit here and ponder my best moments of last year and my resolutions for the new year, I think about how far I’ve come, how much I’ve accomplished, and how much my kids are actually not demon-like monsters. Rather than set resolutions for myself, which just means I’m constantly striving to improve myself, I’m going to give myself a high-five and say that I’m doing an awesome job. And while there is room to grow and evolve, I don’t need to go above and beyond to do so. 

new year

I balance several schedules, put food on the table, teach my kids how to be nice people, plan lessons for my high school students, act as a great teacher/sister/daughter/wife AND I do it every day with a positive attitude. I will not consume myself with guilt of how I can be better at x, y, or z. This year, I don’t really need any resolutions because I’m pretty awesome all on my own. 

So, rather than setting new year resolutions with no intention of fulfilling them, I’ve come up with a screw-resolutions resolutions list, and here they are:

1. I will not judge new moms.

They don’t know what they are doing but I didn’t either. Instead, I will bring them food and hold their babies so they can wash their hair, shower, and sleep in peace.

2. I will be honest about parenting on my social media accounts.

Rather than give family and friends the illusion that life with kids is great, I will attempt to be more real about what’s happening in my house (cough cough) war zone in this new year. 

3. I will get over my weight.

I had a baby. Heck I had two! While I may attempt to eat better and work out, I will not self-criticize my gorgeous body into starvation or insane exercising my body cannot handle.

4. I will be forgiving and kind to myself.

I am doing a great job. Look at my kids, they can say please and thank you and they dress reasonably, or almost reasonably. 

5. I will make me-time a priority.

Starting by making a list of what me-time looks like because every time me-time comes around, I get confused and start cleaning. It may be yoga, Zumba, a spa day, a girls night, or just reading a good book to enjoy some peace. No matter what, I will make it happen.

The idea of new year resolutions means that we need to do better and I’m here to tell you that you are doing really great. You see that munchkin driving you crazy. You did that. I don’t care if you’re a biological mom, foster mom, adoptive mom, step mom, aunt-mom, random mom, YOU are doing an amazing job. You don’t need to set resolutions; you need to give yourself a pat on the back/nice massage/mani/pedi/facial in that order. You are awesome. 

What are your screw-resolutions resolutions for the new year?