Simple Gifts to Give Mom This Mother’s Day (In Quarantine)


Dear Mother’s Day Gift-Giver,

This post is for you. Please give it a read. It is not meant to offend you or your previous Mother’s Day attempts. We have loved lots of what you have done in the past, but this year is very different. Many of your usual strategies are not going to work. The kids aren’t making cute crafts and cards at school. Grocery shopping takes a lot more time and planning and your local brunch spot isn’t open. So, here is a simple guide to help you give mom what she wants this year, even within the limitations of quarantine.

DIY Projects: Nothing super fancy needed; if you can write and cut, you can do make these ideas happen:

Mother's Day craft

Trace your kid’s hand and have them write their name. Paint a rock or a flower box. Make a simple card by asking your kiddo three things they love about mom. Print out a photo and have your child to make a frame with some cardboard.

I promise there are tons of ideas that are easy to do.

If planning crafts isn’t your thing, turn to the experts. Shops like Mimosa Studios and Collage PDX are offering to-go kits which, makes it super easy to complete a Mother’s Day project. Order now to ensure it’s ready by Mother’s Day. Most moms love handmade gifts; even if it’s not your thing, take a few minutes and make something for mom.

Brunch/breakfast in bed: There are quite a few local restaurants offering brunch to go!!  Order Now!! Don’t put it off until tomorrow, trust me or you may miss your window. Many places will close orders at some point, so don’t risk it by being late.

Some options include: Proud Mary, Barkingpdx, Marco’s Cafe, Mother’s Bistro, Jam on Hawthorne as well as many others. PDX eater has a great list; pick a winner!

What better time to support local restaurants then Mother’s Day? To score extra points, don’t forget about the other meals of the day, too! Have something in mind for dinner as well, whether it’s take-out or cooking up her favorite meal. Also, remember to do the dishes, wipe down the counters, and put away any leftovers. Please don’t leave us a mess to clean up later. That can really put a damper on a special day. 

If take out isn’t in the cards, don’t fret. Think about what she really loves for breakfast and make it. Double check to be sure you have all the ingredients on hand a few days in advance. French toast her thing? Look up a delicious recipe and give it a go. Quiche? Lots of awesome recipes out there. Make it special and she will be happy.  

Mimosas/tea/coffee: Whatever her favorite breakfast drink is, have it ready early in the day. Again, plan ahead and be sure you have the crucial components (i.e. mimosas without champagne are… disappointing). Some of the restaurants above are also offering mimosa kits with breakfast take-out. Win-win.

Flowers, plants, succulents: Would you partner love flowers on the table, some hanging baskets for outside, succulents, a garden planted? Many local shops are offering curb side pick-up or delivery. Plan this early as well, as plant and flower shops are getting busy! 

Sleep, precious sleep: Let mom sleep in. As soon as you hear the kids, usher them away and let her rest. Possibly the best gift of all. While she is sleeping, pick up the house a bit, feed the kids so they aren’t hangry when she gets up, and prep breakfast. It sounds like a lot, but I promise this is what most moms want, and your gift will be appreciated.

You may be thinking… there’s more?! Isn’t this enough?? Yes, in my book, but every mom accepts love differently. Think about how your partner accepts love and plan accordingly.

Some other options: Depending on your budget and how your family celebrates there are some local shops/spas offering Mother’s Day gifts/gift cards. Spa gift card, DIY coupons for mom’s day off, wine from her favorite winery, gift certificate to her favorite jewelry store… the list goes on! There are many local shops offering gift cards, curbside pickup, or online shopping if you/her prefer a physical gift. This can also be a great way to support local businesses that have had to remain closed this holiday.

Breakfast In BedSomething as simple as running her a bath and serving her a mimosa in the bath is sure to warm her heart. Cleaning the house, taking the kids on a walk so mom can have some silence, sending her up to the bedroom with her favorite book, all of these would be more then welcomed by most.  We don’t need or want a lot of money spent on this holiday. We want thought put into it, we want to feel loved, taken care of, and appreciated.

We often say we don’t need anything or don’t want to celebrate this holiday. We are caretakers; we try to make everyone’s’ life easier. Sometimes, we say we don’t need anything as a way to make it easier for you. But the truth is, I have yet to meet a mom who wouldn’t  appreciate a card or some token of appreciation.

Truly, what most of us want is to not have to plan anything. We are multi-taskers, planners, and entertainers. It’s exhausting. Taking a day off is a dream come true, and an easy enough gift to give.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but it does take some planning.  Now go and call those local brunch spots, go grocery shopping for her favorite stuff, and get the kids to put a hand print on something!