Making the Most of Christmas 2020



For many of us, this Christmas is going to look dramatically different than Christmases past. Not only are we not traveling to see family, but many places for our holiday traditions are completely closed. There’s a good chance your kids haven’t even gotten to see Santa! As parents, we set the temperature of our home. This is a historic year, and our kids have the chance to look back and remember the memories made, instead of focusing on everything they’re missing out on.

Here are some fun, easy ways to create new holiday traditions and enjoy Christmas 2020:

Bask in the peace and quiet

For starters, the fact that you’re not traveling for the holidays means you’re NOT TRAVELING FOR THE HOLIDAYS. You’re not getting the flu from the airplane and spending your entire “vacation” sleeping and taking care of your kids who also have the flu (speaking from experience). You’re not dealing with heated political conversations at the family dinner table, and that one aunt that nobody can stand being around. You’re spending it at home. Netflixing. In your pajamas.

Every time we’ve traveled for the holidays, we’ve ended our holiday time off absolutely exhausted. But now that we stay home, we enter 2021 with a fresh, relaxed, and renewed mindset perfect for conquering a new year. Pro tip: If you have young kids, spread their gift opening out over a couple of days. They will stay entertained so much longer!

Choose a fun, easy family activity

You could make hot cocoa and pancakes on Christmas morning, or maybe pizza or breakfast for dinner on Christmas Eve. Emphasis on EASY! No need to impress the Joneses- your kids simply want to be together with you.

easy Christmas wreath tutorialSpend time on a hobby you’ve wanted to pursue

Maybe you love painting, or bread making, or playing the piano. Maybe you’ve always wanted to make a DIY Christmas wreath (like this quick & easy video shows you!). This is your moment!

Get cute Christmas pajamas for the family

Yes, we know you’ve been wearing pajamas all year (amazing what a blazer on top can do for Zoom business meetings!). But why not treat yourself to a fun festive set? The kids will love changing into their holiday pj’s on Christmas Eve as they await Santa’s arrival.

Find creative ways to have fun with friends

COVID-19 has caused many businesses to innovate and find fun ways to create online activities! Not only are there virtual escape rooms, but Jackbox games can also be played via Zoom. Just because you can’t be with your loved ones physically, doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with them.

Reflect on the year and prepare for the year ahead

As we reach the end of 2020, we have much more to contemplate and reflect on than in years past. There’s so much to process, so do your mental health a favor and actually process it. Journal about how you’ve grown in the last 12 months. Challenge yourself to find 10 wonderful things to be grateful for. Then make some strategic resolutions on how to position yourself to make 2021 an amazing year.

Happy Holidays to all of you from the Portland Mom Collective! We hope these ideas help make your home merry and bright this month.