10 Family Costume Ideas


My family rarely dresses up in family costumes. The closest we’ve ever gotten is when my boys wanted to be Harry Potter and his owl, Hedwig. So, I did my take on Dolores Umbridge. I thought the cat brooch and all-pink ensemble was enough, but people just thought it was my normal attire. It was very telling about what people think of my fashion sense! Oh well. Fair enough.

family costumes

Still, I know some people who have KILLED IT with the family costumes. This one is the Ordonez family in their Monster’s Inc. inspired getup! I love this because it is simple, but the cute payoff is big!

The ultimate family costumes queen is my cousin, Julia, and her family. Every year, THEY KILL ME. I have no idea how she pulls it off. I am especially looking forward to their costumes this year as they have added a new baby to their crew! She not only crushes it as a mom of three boys, but each year she slays the family costumes. From lumberjacks complete with the felt ax she made, to the 50’s, a baseball team, and farm theme; I am dying to see what’s next along with the new baby!

This next crew took the stage at the 14th annual Giant Pumpkin Regatta in Tualatin during the kid’s costume contest. If your kids love Into the Spiderverse as much as mine do, you’ll appreciate this. Also, I have to give mad props to the mom for ROCKING the Spider-Gwen suit. They all looked fabulous! (My apologies – I didn’t get a clear shot of the dad’s costume, but trust me – it was RAD.)

family costumes

My sister-in-law is also a dear friend of mine, and she does Halloween big with her large family! They decorate the outside of their house CRAZY and their brood really gets into it! They’ve done so many things over the years, from Superheroes to Pirates, and so much more.

Perhaps the key to successful family costumes is simplicity. Don’t overthink it. This close to Halloween, you should step away from the Pinterest. But most importantly, have fun. If nobody else in the family is into it – don’t push it. 

Does your family do the family costume thing? What are you doing? What have you done before? How do you get your tribe excited to do such a thing? Show and tell us what you did, and while you’re at it, enter PMB’s Halloween Costume Contest on Instagram!

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