Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions and Start Creating Your Best Year Yet!


The end of the year sets the stage for us to reflect on all of our past resolutions. You know, the ones we vowed to accomplish at the end of last year? The ones we got three weeks in and then forgot, gave up, or simply got “too busy.” Mama, you know what I’m talking about because we’ve all been there.

Did you know 80% of resolutions fail? Yeah, let that sink in. Let’s reflect on that before you get too down about not reaching your goal. You are in the majority! The way we approach the New Year is all wrong. I’m here to tell you, though, that it’s simple to fix.

What we are doing wrong.

The New Year is a time when we are feeling particularly motivated to make changes. There are so many possibilities as we shift into the unknown of an entire year to accomplish our new resolution. This leads us to our first problem. Why wait for the start of a new calendar to assess the changes?  It takes 30-66 days to solidify a habit. Changing your goals to center around monthly check-ins will help you course-correct more quickly.

Why do we taper off and forget our resolutions within the first month? That’s the normal part of settling into a new routine. In the first few weeks, we are excited. We are ready for something big. In short, we have the spark. Motivation is the spark that gets you going so you can develop the discipline to sustain the new behavior. However, motivation is fleeting, which is why we have to change our approach.

Keeping the motivation!

So, what if you could create the motivation every single day as you were making the changes? You can with a strong phrase. You can identify a phrase that motivates you to make the changes in a way that aligns with what you truly want to achieve. In turn, it will keep you focused and excited to continue. To do this, decide where you will spend your energy this year, and how you want to think or feel at the end of the year. Simply take those keywords and develop a phrase around it to empower you to keep working on your goals, even when it’s hard.

Getting more time.

Beyond motivation, the biggest area I see the most struggle is with time management. Mama, I get it, there are many competing areas in your life. Here’s the truth, there are enough hours in the day to carve out time to work on your goal. You just have to see your time as valuable and be intentional about spending it. I use a time tool daily, which helps me set aside time for the family, chores, as well as, any changes that I am currently working on.

Make better goals!

Getting the time and motivation is fabulous, but if you don’t have the right goal, you can’t measure your progress. Guess what deflates motivation faster than the first three weeks of the year? Lack of progress. It’s easy to stop showing up when you have no idea how close you are to your goal. Creating the right goal matters. You’ve heard of them: Specific, Measurable, As if it has happened, Realistic and Time-bound. Make it about something you can control so you can measure progress and feel successful. Instead of focusing on the result for your goal, focus on the behaviors it takes to get there. For example, instead of focusing on that 25 pounds to lose, focus on working out five days a week instead.

New Year’s can still be exciting!

Your new year can still be full of hope and promise! If you want the end of 2020 to feel like you made the progress desired, you have to change your approach. What is going to help you show up daily? A phrase for motivation. Then, create the time in your schedule work toward your goal. Finally, create the right goal in your control so that you can check in for progress leading to more motivation. For 2020, ditch the resolutions, Create New Holiday Traditions, and make it your best year yet!

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