Christmas Survival Cheat Sheet For Busy Moms


Remember those solemn Christmas mornings?

It felt so good to feel the early morning breeze of Christmas that calms your soul. Remember those times when you had a good night’s sleep that gets you to wake up feeling refreshed? Yes, I do too. But now that we are already busy moms, there’s almost no room for relaxation, even on a holiday! Mornings are now filled with jumbled objects and frantic moments. And it can be a struggle to just get through the holiday planning stage. So, here’s a Christmas survival cheat sheet to help busy moms like us survive all aspects of this holiday season.

Mom’s Christmas Survival Cheat Sheet 

  • Start saving money for all purchases.
    Having a holiday budget is very essential most especially if you are planning to give a bunch of gifts. This also includes budget for decorations, sending Christmas cards and goodies, food for gatherings and gas fund for going to holiday events and shopping. This is also the time to use coupons and reward cards or you may also try and search for online coupons available for the holidays.
  • Know the family’s schedule.
    Know important dates around Christmas Eve/Day such as school programs, you and your spouse’s office holiday party, extra holiday events and the dates when your kids will be off from school and when they’ll be going back. Also take note that November to mid-December is also the proper time for fixing your family’s health insurance. Having all these on your calendar can make a lot of room for other holiday chores and activities. This way, you will not have to be pressured with overlapping tasks and scheds.
  • Create a gift list.
    A gift list is one of the major parts of this Christmas survival cheat sheet and having it lets you mark which ones are already bought and which ones are still on the waiting list. And since we are now moms and the number of people in our lives has doubled (your family, your spouse’s family, co-workers, mutual friends, your children’s best buds and so much more), it is really hard to just go the store and buy things without a list.
  • Make way for cleaning schedules.
    This is to avoid major clean-ups that could either exhaust you when you do it on your own or cost you a lot if you’ll have the house cleaned by janitorial services. Minor cleaning schedules could be once or twice a week, depending on your family’s clutter.
  • Make decorating activity a family bonding.
    As moms, we already have too much tasks to do. Involving the family, most especially the kids, in decorating for Christmas could be a huge help. Make it fun by giving snack rewards to your kids and playing Christmas songs while working on this simple but wonderful family affair.

You got this, Mom!

Our main goal is to have a wonderful Christmas time each year for the entire family. And, no matter how tired we may feel, it is still a pleasure to see our family having a great time. I hope that my simple Christmas survival cheat sheet will be able to help all of us busy moms thru all the preparations for the holidays. And may we all have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas season!