35 Ways to Celebrate Fall in the Pacific Northwest


Ahhhh, fall. My favorite season! I can smell it in the air just after a rain or in the cool of the evening, I see it as the hills are sprinkled with color, and I taste it in a million pumpkin-spiced products at every coffee shop and bakery!

The Willamette Valley may be lush and green throughout the year from our mild temperatures and copious amounts of rainfall, but it also bursts to life in colors, smells, and tingling mist and fog, making autumn in the Northwest one of the best places on earth to get out and enjoy all that the season offers!

To get you started, here is a list of 35 things you must do in our area these next three months…



  1. Oktoberfest
    Grab a pint and practice your polka at these family-friendly Oktoberfests near/in Portland!
  2. End of summer sales
    Everything summer-y is on sale right now. Stock up for next year at the mall, Freddies, Target or even at a consignment sale!
  3. Gorge on pumpkin-spiced everything
    From coffee to waffles, this is the month where people make everything pumpkin-spiced!
  4. Apple picking and cider squeezing, oh my!
  5. Bird migration watching
    Many know about the Swifts in the chimneys in Portland, but did you know there is more bird watching this time of year at the Fernhill Wetlands in Forest grove?
  6. Hike
    It’s a beautiful time to take a weekend hike! Try one of these PMB family-approved hikes!
  7. Run a race
    With the temperatures cooling, there are some great upcoming runs in Portland and the surrounding areas! Check out Running in the USA for the largest list!
  8. The Fruit Loop
    Here are PMB’s favorite Fruit Loop finds!
  9. Take in a sporting event
    Hops just won the championships, but Timbers are kicking off, and soon it will be Blazer season!
  10. Admire the changing colors
    Find out where to go to admire the colors on the fall foliage blog
  11. Go on a beer tour
    Of course moms like beer, too! Whether it’s a walking, cycling, driving, or even boating tour, there’s a lot of ways to hit up the local breweries this fall!
  12. Star gaze with the Rose City Astronomers


  1. Mmmmm…Apple and cider festival!
  2. Get an early start on Halloween costume shopping
  3. Pumpkin Patching
    Hit up a pumpkin patch…there are A LOT
  4. Check out these hard cider festivals
  5. Kick leaves
    Then rake them into a pile and kick them again!
  6. Get some inspiration at the Fall Home and Garden Show
  7. The Grotto
    Many people only go to the Grotto during the holiday lights, but it’s BEAUTIFUL in the fall, too!
  8. Head to the beach
    Take a lovely drive out to the Oregon coast
  9. Go to the zoo
    There are lots of seasonal fun things planned for the animals to celebrate fall, as well as a fun Howloween celebration!
  10. Take a Willamette Valley wine tour
    Check out PMB’s favorite family-friendly wineries
  11. Haunted Houses
    Leave the littles and scaredy cats at home, and get freaked out at these goulish fun houses
  12. Watch people use pumpkins as boats in the West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta
  13. Trick-or-Treat
    Don’t forget to take the costumed kids Trick-or-Treating. Try these PMB alternatives to going door-to-door!


  1. Visit a craft fair or bazaar
    There are many, amazing holiday bazaars this time of year from America’s Largest to the Harvest Moon, and every one in between. Got a favorite or a place that lists them all? Please leave in the comments!
  2. Eat some sausage in Verboort
  3. Give back
    Tis the season of giving! Use this list for a great start.
  4. Go to a Veterans Day parade
  5. Catch a show at the Keller Auditorium
  6. Visit the Beautiful Pittock Mansion
  7. Get out on the town
    Bundle up, stroll around and explore the shopping and food scene of the Pearl District
  8. Civil War
    Watch the Oregon Civil War Game in person on the 3oth
  9. Drive through Winter Wonderland at PIR
  10. Get ready for Christmas
    Even before Thanksgiving, everyone is gearing up for the biggest holiday with tree lightings, Santa meet n’ greets, and much much more. It’s been a great fall, now let it snow! Check out the PMB Winter Bucket List for holiday and winter seasonal fun!


  1. Thank you! We are moving to Portland from Sydney, Australia at the end of this month and this is just what I needed. I’ll be throwing the family into this list! ?

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