Five Minutes of Wonder: A Magical Visit with Santa (Without Leaving Home!)

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Long lines at the mall. Terrible Photos. Tears. These are just a few reasons I stopped trekking my kids out to meet Santa Claus during the holidays. Truthfully, it started to seem like a lot of effort for very little return, and this mama is tired.
To further complicate things, I have two older children with zero interest in sitting on Santa’s lap or taking photos with him. They have at times been dangerously on the brink of spilling the beans to their younger siblings, though I really do want to keep the magic alive for the little ones.

I was particularly concerned about the Santa situation this year for my third son, Kyle. I considered taking him to see Santa alone, though I was fairly certain he would clam up without his brothers there. However, Kyle only asked for one thing for Christmas this year: to look like Santa. No X-Boxes or fancy shoes. No new devices or latest fads. Nope. This five-year-old just wants to look like a bearded man in a red suit. I needed a Christmas miracle.

Welcome Santa with KyleEnter Welcome Santa. Combining new technology with age-old holiday tradition, Welcome Santa brings visits with St. Nick straight to your living room. Or your kitchen. Or, in my case, your home office. Using a webcam and internet connection, Kyle was able to have a one-on-one chat with his red-suited hero, in a comfortable environment that was completely stress-free.

To say Kyle was blown away does not do the experience justice. Mesmerized is an understatement. Completely enchanted comes close to an accurate description. Kyle was 0% uncomfortable and 100% delighted, a first for any Santa-related effort in our family’s history.

How It Works

To start, Santa’s conversation does not stick to the typical “What do you want for Christmas?” question. This is, in part, because Santa and his elves have access to background information that is simply not possible during a speedy photo shoot. At registration, parents complete a quick online form with questions about school, siblings, pets, interests and hobbies. Notably, Welcome Santa goes a step beyond the basics to ask about the child’s strengths and areas to work on, as well. I mentioned Kyle could use some encouragement when it comes to his listening skills.

So when Santa knew Kyle’s siblings’ names and ages? His eyes got wide. And when Santa mentioned Kyle’s school by name? Good gravy, that was cool! How did Santa know that Kyle likes to sing and dance? AMAZING!
Kyle meets SantaOnce Kyle knew this guy was the real deal, he was glued to Santa’s every word. Santa complimented him on how far he has come with his reading this year (area of strength) and told him that he was being such a good listener for Santa that he was sure he could do the same for his teachers. Kyle agreed wholeheartedly and nodded his head. Santa cleverly weaved this tidbit into the conversation in the magical way only Santa can.

Santa even gave Kyle advice on how to grow a beard to look just like Santa, to begin working toward his Christmas wish. It turns out, Kyle needs to sleep with his chin outside the covers! Who knew?!?

Keep (and Share) the Memory

As Santa wrapped up the call, Kyle yelled out, completely unprompted, “I LOVE YOU SANTA!!” My mama heart nearly exploded, and I wanted desperately to hold that moment just a little longer.

Luckily, I can. Welcome Santa provides a Keepsake Video of every call so you can easily share the magical conversation with grandparents or friends. When I showed my husband the video a few hours later, he marveled at Kyle’s obvious enthusiasm and his uncharacteristic level of comfort with Santa. When Kyle heard the video playing, he came running in and requested to watch the whole thing with us. Three times.
Welcome Santa is a Vancouver-based, family-owned business that is the only company to provide real-time virtual Santa calls across the country. Their package includes a 5-minute call for up to two participants and a Keepsake Video for only $29.99. 

Keeping the magic alive for one more year? Priceless.

Book Your Spot!

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