When You Are Tired of Being A Mom


The truth is, it has never been easy. As a boy mom, I have to keep up with my three sons’ unwavering energy. My day starts even before the sun comes up, and I feel overwhelmed with all the things anticipated in a whole day. The tasks begin as soon as my boys wake up, and it’s a never-ending routine. I swear there are numerous times when I feel I am tired of being a mom. That feeling is, by far, the most unwanted feeling I’ve ever felt.

tired of being a mom

The tiredness and anxiety faded away when I began to improve my mindset. I fixed my daily schedules, introduced habits of self-care, and just let things be. Soon enough, I felt more at peace with the flow of motherhood. You can overcome this “tired mommy syndrome,” too. Here are FIVE reminders when you are tired of being a mom:

1. Learn how to relax. 30 minutes of something you enjoy every now and then won’t hurt.

I multitask to the extreme; I try to do my mommy tasks while taking care of my career, all day long. I can’t let any of those fall apart so I ended up fatigued and anxious almost all the time. Until, well, it hit me. We, as moms and working women need quick breaks from everything to process thoughts, to read a book, or even to browse through websites we like. Just take a short rest throughout the day to do something that allows you peace of mind.

2. Sleep is important.

My personal experience shows that my patience runs out more quickly when I’m tired. Whether you’re a mom of one or a mom of many kids, you are still entitled to enough sleep. I know it’s not easy to just dose off to sleep each night when you have so many things on your mind and to-do list, but set a goal that you will get a good rest at least every other night. To ambitious? How about TWICE a week?

3. Teach your kids to be independent, starting with the smallest things.

This one really helped me a lot when I was tired of being a mom. Teaching them to get dressed, brush their teeth, clear their plates, etc. on their own can be a huge help for a busy mom. Then, as they get older, it will be much easier to teach them bigger lessons and have greater responsibilities in their independence.

4. Don’t put yourself last.

Self-care, self-love, me time…we often forget the importance of these. I’ve come to realize taking care of myself first is needed before I can be of any use to my children. What do you need right now? A coffee time? A visit to your doctor? A spa day? Do the things you’ve been wanting to do so you can come back to your mommy tasks refreshed and renewed.

5. Remember, even if you don’t have it all together, you are still doing a great job.

Feeling emotionally and physically tired of being a mom isn’t your fault. It’s just a phase that you would eventually overcome. Remind yourself you are just one woman, and you even though you can’t do it all, you are enough. What you do every day for your kids always counts. Being a mom sometimes requires more than we can give, but deep in our hearts, we know it’s all worth it. So, take a breath and just keep going.