5 Spray-Free Ways to Protect Your Sunshine from the Sun and Bugs


Summer is here, and you want to take the baby out for a stroll, to a flower festival, or a splash pad, but is it worth exposing your sweet sunshine to the damaging heat, sun rays, and insects? When my baby was three months old, my family traveled to Mexico and it was HOT. I had to think of ways to protect her from the sun and bugs other than sunscreen and repellent. Here are five bug and sun protection option to protect your babies and kids while still having a great summer outdoors.

1. Sun Hats and Sunglasses

There is a size of these for all. The floppy hats with brims are the best for sun protection because they do a great job of covering babies’ heads and faces. The majority of these will indicate if they are UPF 50+. Sunglasses are great if you have a child who doesn’t mind anything on their face, but if you can’t keep them on, then hats are the way to go!

2. Sun Protective Wear

I researched tons of options and came across sun suits! Vivafun is a UPF 50+ and very lightweight outfit made from a mix of spandex and nylon so it is stretchy and resistant. Other brands exist in many different infant sizes, many even come with matching sun hats. The best part? My daughter was protected, comfortable, and stylish in 80+ degree weather, and you can also use them as swimwear!

I noticed a tag on them reading ‘AS/NZS 4399,’ and after a little research learned Australia has a sun protection standard they must comply with for clothing. This standard is put in place to assure the appropriate amount of body coverage is achieved to prevent certain levels of ultraviolet ray exposure. 

sun protection

3. Play Dome

The one we have is the Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome I was lucky enough to snag when Toys-R-Us was going out of business. I got it for $16! The thing I like about play domes is they typically come with a canopy to block out sun rays and bugs. Domes are a nice option to have not only for sun protection outdoors, but since they are lightweight and easy to pack, they are great for indoor play, too. 

4. UPF 50+ Baby Blanket

This was a lifesaver in hot weather. In my case, since my baby was only three months old and I was a first time mother, I felt I must cover her up all the time. I didn’t want her to overheat or get heat rashes. This blanket kept her cool, provided great sun protection, and was very lightweight to pack around in our summer go bag. The brand we had was from Coolibar, which also makes sun protective clothing, too!

5. Nontoxic Mosquito Bracelets

I’ve used these as an adult, and once when packing for a camping trip, I wondered if there were nontoxic options for little ones to prevent mosquito bites. Children’s skin is so sensitive! I found a kids natural option using citronella and lemon extract; a brand called “Simba.” These natural mosquito repelling bracelets are nontoxic, deet-free, and so easy to use with adjustable snap buttons for any size! No more sprays or sticky lotions. You can put them on their ankles or on the stroller to keep in place and keep bugs away all summer long.

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