Spirit of Summer (COVID Edition)


You guys, what are you doing this summer? A few weeks ago, we went on a family road trip despite COVID. From Oregon, to California, Nevada, and Arizona. We kept safe distances and wore masks. We spent a lot of time outdoors – hiking, going to the beach, games with our family (my kids’ uncle taught them to play chess). We even caught the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. While I didn’t feel great about traveling, I was concerned for our family’s mental health if we stayed home and canceled yet another trip. 

I cried when we saw our far away family, and I hugged them. I held on a little long. And I probably made it weird, but I don’t care. This quarantine thing is ROUGH on everyone. Even introverts miss people! Sort of. Me being a textbook extrovert and hugger, it’s starting to get to me. I haven’t hugged my parents since February. Keeping them safe and healthy is priority over my need for warm hugs. Who am I, Olaf? It is killing me.

How are you doing on screen time, mamas? Yeah, I just have not fought the battle. The kids are so isolated from people, places, and things that I hate taking one more thing from them. Also, I am fighting over other things like why they won’t eat their lunch or why they can’t agree on anything. I am choosing my battles and I decided this one isn’t worth it for now as long as I keep an eye on the content. 

Our family evening walks are a nice break. I passed a family and they all said hello, and I said “it’s really good to see you…” then I said “I don’t even know you, but it’s good to see you.” My husband shook his head. Yes, dear, I know I am a mess. I was kind of teary. I miss people I don’t even like… or know for that matter!

I did not brush my hair today, and I wear slippers most of the day. I do not venture out much. People keep asking what I plan to do for school in the fall, and honestly I feel like I can’t think that far out. School district emails say they plan to have a plan. Worrying has never added a day to my life, so I am just going to wait and see. We will figure it out, and so will you. 

We saw a friend from my kids’ school at a nearby park the other day. She and her family were adorable, all on bikes. The stopped and said hello from a distance. Before they rode off, she turned, gave a salute and said, “Keep the spirit of summer at hand.” It was hilarious and adorable, and so – I pass those words on to you. 

How are you surviving summer? Are you traveling? What successes and disappointments have you encountered during this time?

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