Prenatal, Mom & Baby, and Family Yoga Classes in Portland


We live in an amazing city, overflowing with beautiful yoga spaces, talented teachers, and a community that supports women in this sacred season. Motherhood often requests so much from us externally. For me, prenatal yoga fosters time to listen to my body and baby while soaking up the benefits of being on my mat. My little bump, toddler, and I explored several local studios to try out their best classes and share them with you.


Prenatal Yoga

I love that prenatal classes create space to connect with the tribe of mothers in our community. Forget the fancy poses, cute outfits, or any ideas in your head of what you ‘should’ look like while practicing, and join a circle of women growing together. A room filled with women whose bellies are different shapes and sizes breathing together can be a powerful experience worth cultivating on our journeys toward birth. Call it the hormones, but occasionally the sweet class ending can bring me to tears.

Just remember, if you’re pregnant please make sure you let any teacher outside of a prenatal class know you’re expecting. Some of my favorite studios with multiple prenatal class times to choose from are:

Namaste on Williams is a newer studio which offers prenatal practice and some great, introductory rates!

Mom & Baby and Family Classes

These classes add a new element to spending time with our little ones. It is a fun way to get out of the house to explore movement alongside other moms. I especially enjoy mom & baby classes because they are a space where crying, breastfeeding, and general exhaustion from not sleeping is shared by the entire room. My favorite family class is at Root Whole Body. My toddler had so much fun pretending to be animals, breathing, singing, and dancing.

Specialty Classes

Our city has so many unique studios offering a variety of specialty classes.

  • Living Yoga offers a list of recovery classes for those journeying through addiction and recovery. 
  • The People’s Yoga is a space for those that identify as queer or transgender.

If you are on a budget, check out these studios:

  • Yoga on Yamhill‘s prenatal class asks only for donations. 
  • Mamaspace classes are free!
  • Alma offers free classes once you have reached your due date. 

Click here for our FULL schedule of classes and studios in Portland!

Get Creative

If you can’t make it out, explore online sites that offer prenatal or kids classes. Creating a home practice is sometimes the only way to squeeze in some quiet time on the mat if you have other little ones running around. Try inviting a friend over to join you during an online class or host a yoga play date for the kids!

Want to try a class while someone watches your child? These Portland studios have classes with childcare:

Whatever stage of mothering you’re in, whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a first timer, find a studio and time that works with your schedule and give it a try! If you’re like me, intentional about self-care during pregnancy and motherhood, treating myself to a class is a perfect way to get in time to reflect and restore. And as my little one grows, I hope she gains tools for calming and centering that yoga can bring.

Namaste mamas!