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{Sponsored Post: A complimentary class and reader giveaway were provided in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.}

“Work smarter not harder; it’s our mantra…we want every mom to make it their own, honor your truth – come in and make the workout tailored to your needs.” ~ Bonney, barre3 instructor

When I arrived at the Cedar Mill barre3 studio today I expected what many women expect when they hear the tagline, “where ballet barré meets yoga and pilates®”. I expected a dance class. I showed up with a perfect bun that would make my ballet teacher proud, yoga pants for easy movement and a super sports bra to wrangle the girls.

The center was immaculate; the children’s area was wide open and stocked with amazing toys (complete with a super nice and smiling childcare giver… oh who am I kidding? EVERYONE was super nice and smiling)! The bathroom/locker room came complete with a shower, hair dryer, changing table, and natural shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

Bonney and Michelle
Bonney (instructor) and Michelle (child care)
Play area
Damian in the play area










“We want moms to feel welcome. We strive to create a fun and safe environment and welcome kiddos as young as 6 six weeks old. Childcare is offered at 4 of our 5 Portland studios.” ~ Kimi Kolba, Portland Operations Manager

The actual studio had amazing floor to ceiling windows, floor to ceiling mirrors, and barrés on three of four walls. There were a LOT of ladies in class, and yet we each had a spot, it wasn’t crowded, and didn’t feel overwhelming. The teacher was awesome. Hands down.

“Teaching brings me so much joy, I truly enjoy coming here and I no longer have lower back issues or rotator cuff issues. I took classes for a month and nearly cried when I was asked to teach.” ~ Bonney

The studio
Provided equipment










It showed. Bonney was very energetic and happy… truly happy, not hyped-up-too-many-energy-drinks happy. She was also reassuring. That made an impact on me.

I was a dancer. I was a professional dancer. I had experienced working until my toes bled, doing sit-ups to make your entire body shake and lunges until your legs felt like you’d been at sea for five years. Then I stopped dancing, then I got sick, THEN I had a baby. Needless to say I was light years away from the shape I once was as a professional dancer. Bonney was very adamant about listening to your body. She kept saying “Take a break if you need to, keep breathing, here are options for this move.”

But unlike some classes I’ve experienced, I didn’t feel embarrassed when I DID take a break. The energy was so positive and uplifting, yet so calming and focused that when I would pause to relieve my hips for a moment I actually stayed centered. Bonney gave choices for each move to make it easier on your joints, relieve you if you were pushing too hard, and adjust the level of intensity.

Don’t get me wrong…it was hard as hell. I’m pretty sure I’ll cry every time I walk upstairs tomorrow, but it was truly worth it.

Barre3 Checkin
Katherine, studio manager

“It’s not a dance class, it’s personal. They [barre3] embrace the healthy, balanced mom lifestyle.” ~ Katherine

I also got some insight into the beauty of how barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln strives to make the work environment just as amazing as the class environment. I was told that Sadie is very passionate about making women feel honored, and that family and balance is the most important thing. Sadie works closely with a team of experts including yogis, professional dancers, doctors, and athletes to craft highly efficient workouts. Focusing on a unique combination of dynamic movement and isometric holds, the sequences work strategically to transform the body and develop long term postural benefits.

I thought it was a dance class. We never danced. We stretched, built muscle, gained balance and core strength, learned to listen to our bodies and felt empowered. It truly is an amazing company with amazing women.

I would love to go back. Heck, I’d love to teach! Five stars, all around!

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  1. Great blog about Barre3! I couldn’t agree and recently got my start at the Cedar Mill Studio too. I’ve now been to 4 of the 5 Portland studios and am completely hooked.

    • Thanks Stacy! I love that you’ve done the Barre3 tour! I always used little man as my excuse of why I couldn’t go work out – their child care was so amazing that I now have to erase that excuse! 😀

  2. SO happy to stumble upon your blog. How fun! After just having our second daughter I am so excited to start working out again. The cedar mills location is just up the road from me and I never knew they had childcare so now I’m even more excited!!! Your review is perfect and since I love yoga so much I know barre will be an extra push!

    • Thank you! It really was amazing! I was a teacher and nanny so my standards of child care are REALLY high. Bonney kept telling us to find our center, and I’ll tell you what! During some of those intense poses that little comment helped me to keep breathing too!

      Enjoy your classes! I know you’ll love them!

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