Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 8 Simple Ways to Help a Mama Battling Cancer


It’s 5:00 a.m. and I’m reviewing a cancer case for my job. I can’t help the tears that fill my eyes. She’s a mom of multiple children including an infant under six months old. She’s just been diagnosed with advanced stage breast cancer. Forty hours each week, I read and collect data on cancer cases similar to this one and many more for research and statistics. Each time I come across a young mama fighting for her life, my heart tears a little bit more. This is the sad reality that faces our society today.

According to the CDC breast cancer is the #1 common cancer among women and the #2 responsible cancer death, but I’m not here to spout out statistics. That’s not what this post is about. We’re here to support the mama whose life has been hit by the “c” bomb and she could use all the support available, especially since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

breast cancer

Simple Ways to Support a Mama Battling Breast Cancer

  1. Food

    Find out what she or her family needs and bring it. Chemo does a number on the appetite so don’t assume just because it used to be her comfort food before cancer treatment that it still is. Furthermore, her family needs to eat so think about them too.

  2. Juice

    Often patients have a hard time eating or getting the nutrients they need. Fresh veggie/fruit juice can help. You can find great juice recipes on Kris Carr’s cancer survivor and wellness activist website.

  3. Clean

    When you come visit, take the garbage out or sweep the floor. There’s always laundry or dishes waiting to be done, too.

  4. Errands

    Offer to go grocery shopping or run errands for her. Or even tag along with her for support.

  5. Rides

    Take her kids to school, or give her a ride to and from treatment. Make sure you stick around. Sometimes she may need to rest or may not feel well afterward.

  6. Babysit

    Offer to watch the kids so she can have a date night with her partner, take them to the park or watch them at your place so she can have some quiet time to rest, too.

  7. Be there

    Go with her to a cancer yoga class or a support group. Sometimes just being there is the best support you can give her.

  8. Holding space

    What does that mean exactly? Holding space for someone is giving them the freedom and space to express their emotions of what is going on in their life without judgement or trying to fix the problem for them. It’s providing them a safe environment to deal.

There’s room to add to this list. Please comment below with ways you can help a mama fighting cancer.