4 Easy Ways to Get Healthy Food For Less

We are excited to partner with BushelBox--an innovative, local and mom-owned business--to bring you the information in this sponsored post.

If you are like me, two things are a constant for you as a mom. First, being worried that your kid is eating enough fruits and vegetables every day. Second, being absolutely overwhelmed at the price of said produce. It is absolutely dumbfounding to me that a bag of organic salad greens and a bag of potato chips at Trader Joe’s cost the same.

Families are spending, on average, over $550 a month on food. This cost has gone up over 30% in the last ten years. We were spending far more than that when I became a stay at home mama. The cost of feeding my family healthy organic foods quickly became a big burden. I wanted to feed my baby healthy, organic, and natural foods, but I was simply getting priced out.

save money on healthy food with bushelbox
As we moms do, I developed new strategies around my grocery shopping that were going to get me the foods that I wanted without breaking the bank. I tried couponing. I grew a big garden. I cooked everything from scratch. All of these things helped me stretch my family dollar further and further, but none of them impacted the actual cost of produce. Finally, I struck on four great ways to save money when buying produce for my family. They are:

1. Buy seasonally

Yes, your kiddo might be banana obsessed and that’s fine. Keep buying them. However, as much as you can, pay attention to what is in season to stretch your budget. Grapes are usually much more expensive in the winter, but apples and citrus are often great deals, for example. Zucchini is a great summer vegetable, but in the fall look to winter squashes like delicata and acorn.

2. Shop local

Taking my kiddo out to the farm is still one of my favorite summer activities. I found that often the farms would have produce at prices below the grocery store. Many local farms have organic practices but don’t have the certification. This means lower prices on high quality foods!

3. Purchase in bulk

When I went out to visit farms I also discovered that I could buy boxes or flats of produce for a fraction of the price of one pound or basket. Buying in bulk saved me a lot of money but also meant a lot of work. As much as I wanted to, it was rarely feasible to eat a 25-pound box of pears before some went bad. I would have to freeze or preserve the bounty in order to prevent waste.

4. Leverage all of these with BushelBox

bushelbox-signatureinstaBeing the innovative family that we are, we finally built a solution that helps you buy seasonally, shop local and purchase in bulk all while saving money AND not having to be responsible for an entire box of pears. BushelBox is really simple.

    1. We curate deals from vendors
    2. You shop on our website
    3. You invite your friends to join in on your buy so you can meet order minimums and fill cases
    4. Once the order closes you pick it up or it ships to your house
    5. Have a sorting party with your friends!

Right now BushelBox has a brand new partnership with the Pacific Northwest’s Organically Grown Company. They are a local wholesale produce distributor. You can order delicious and fresh produce with your friends with very little effort! The best part? The first ten orders in the Portland area will get a 12 oz package of pre-cut butternut squash when they pick up their order at the OGC Distribution Center.

Get started with BushelBox

  • Visit Bushelbox.com
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  • Click on Organically Grown Company
  • Order to your heart’s content (don’t forget to authorize your credit card!)
  • Invite your friends so they can shop too
  • Get an email about when and how to pick up your order when it closes
  • Pick up your goodies and share with your friends!

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About Kimmy

kimmy-bushelboxKimmy is an Oregon mama, an urban gardener, and a CEO. After struggling with the high cost of feeding her family well, she created BushelBox. With one simple tool you can shop wholesale prices, share deals with your friends, and get access to some of the best products around.