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{This post is sponsored by Full Belly Fare, a local mom-owned business we think you–our readers–would love to get to know!}

Every busy mom knows the frustration of trying to cook healthy meals everyone in the family will eat. Not to mention the time it takes to plan meals, shop, prepare, and clean up afterwards. Short cuts usually involve leaning heavily on highly processed, less nutritious foods. If one or more family members is gluten free, vegetarian, paleo or has specific food allergies or other restrictions around certain foods, then meal planning becomes even more of a challenge.

Full Belly Fare gives busy families a way to reduce meal time stress and still eat healthy, delicious food. Just like take out, Full Belly Fare meals are sold by the serving, so every family member can order the dish they want. However, unlike take out, Full Belly Fare’s meals focus on local, organic foods and are highly customizable to meet a modern family’s dietary needs and preferences.


Customers order their meals online, and can order up to a month’s worth of deliveries at once. Larger orders and subscription orders receive a generous discount. The fully cooked and ready to eat meals are delivered once each week or can be picked up from Know Thy Food in SE Portland. Full Belly Fare can also accept EBT/Oregon Trail cards from Know Thy Food members – joining the co-op is easy and relatively inexpensive.

The free delivery area includes all of Portland and many surrounding towns, including Happy Valley, Beaverton, Tigard, and parts of Lake Oswego, Hillsboro, and more! Deliveries outside of the delivery zone can often be arranged with a larger order, subscription, or small delivery fee.


Chef-owner and mom Lyla Wolfenstein’s extensive experience cooking for friends and family members with varying dietary needs and preferences led her to create dishes that can be ordered exactly as needed. Most of Full Belly Fare’s meals are already gluten free. With the option of swapping steak for tofu, for example, a dish can be made vegan or vegetarian. For those watching their carbohydrate intake, mashed cauliflower is frequently used as an option to replace rice. A recent salad gave customers the option of sliced steak, grilled shrimp, or tofu.

With so many possible customizations for each dish, Full Belly Fare’s meals can be tailor made to fit Paleo, vegan, vegetarian, low sodium, and other special dietary requests. Even soy free and nightshade free options commonly appear on the menu.

Full Belly Fare’s Portland-area meal delivery clients are typically busy families looking for ways to streamline their days so they can spend more time together, people recovering from surgery or illness, and families experiencing big changes including pregnancy and birth. Many customers receive Full Belly Fare as part of a group baby shower gift or from out-of-town friends and family members who want to help, but are too far away to bring meals themselves.



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