Dinner is DONE with Pick Your Dish PDX {Giveaway}


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PickYourDishI’m a busy mom, and although I want dinner to be an enjoyable time to spend with the people who matter most to me, often the daily responsibility of preparing fresh and balanced evening meals can be stressful. Sound familiar? This is where Pick Your Dish saves the day! Lucky for you, Pick Your Dish is helping us celebrate our launch by letting one of our readers try them out for FREE!

Pick Your Dish is a dinner delivery service that uses the freshest ingredients they can get their hands on. Complete meals are made to order, fully cooked, delivered cold-packed in insulated totes and just require reheating. They are currently delivered to set pick-up points in Beaverton, Tigard and SW Portland.

Eleissa Buddress is a local working mom who started Pick Your Dish just last year. She knows what it’s like to get to the end of the day and have anxiety about what to cook for the household while wanting to spend as much time as possible enjoying her little ones.  She wanted to carry on the tradition she had growing up where the family sat around the dinner table each night, no matter how busy life was. Meal planning and weekend and evening meal prep helped, but still took her away from being in the moment with her family. Eleissa loves that she’s now able to help busy people truly enjoy dinner at the end of the day.

Now, you can enter below to win a $100 gift certificate to Pick Your Dish! Share this great giveaway with your equally busy friends, and check out the Pick Your Dish PDX website for more information and to see their current weekly menu.

Pick Your Dish PDX Gift Certificate