Five Sweet Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to be creative. From turning old shoe boxes into extraordinary Valentine’s boxes to stuffing confetti into balloons with a pencil eraser, my kids love making Valentine’s Day crafts

I blame my mother for the times our crafting has gotten out of hand. My mom has a stock of craft supplies that would make your head spin. As a kid, Valentine’s Day was an opportunity to drag it all out and make crazy-complicated tiny card receptacles. I shared with my daughter that I once paper-mache’d a heart-shaped balloon to make a valentine box, and guess what she wanted to make that year? Last year, my son wanted a red and pink camo box with army guys glued to the top, so we made a ‘Love is a Battlefield’ box! That night, I looked at it and panicked, spending an hour gingerly cutting the weapons out of their hands with nail clippers before he took it to school. This may sound like a nightmare to some people, but for us it’s just Valentine’s Day crafts.

Valentine's Day crafts

Here are FIVE of Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Crafts

1. Valentine Box

What Valentine’s Day Crafts would be complete without a box to stuff the valentines? Grab some boxes, crepe paper, construction paper, or whatever you have on hand. I always start by cutting the hole that the cards will go through, then wrap the box like a gift to give us a good base. Valentine's Day Crafts

Ready to take on the paper-mache heart challenge? 

Step 1: Blow up a heart-shaped balloon

Step 2: Cut newspaper strips about one-inch wide

Step 3: Make paper mache paste

Step 4: Put two or three layers of paper mache on the balloon, allowing it to dry in between coats

Step 5: Dry completely (at least 24 hours)

Step 6: Pop the balloon, cut your card slot, and paint and decorate it

valentine's day crafts2. Confetti Balloons

Instead of buying printed cards this year, try making these balloons bursting with love (or confetti) for each of your kids’ classmates. To make these Valentine’s Day crafts, start with clear balloons, confetti, and sticks; then filled the balloons. 

Step 1: Use the eraser end of a pencil to stuff paper confetti into the deflated balloons

Step 2: Inflate the balloon, tie the end, and insert it into a balloon stick

Step 3: Staple a tag with the recipient’s name to each stick

For extra fun, let the recipient pop the balloon and watch the confetti fly!

3. Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies

My kids love these fortune cookies made from fruit roll-ups in their lunch boxes on Valentine’s Day. They like making these sweet edible Valentine’s Day crafts to give their friends too!

4. A Fresh Spin on a PhotoboothValentine's Day Crafts

I’m over photobooth props, but kids seem to love getting pictures of themselves. I changed up the photobooth concept by skipping the props and painting winky eyes on the kid’s hands instead. They loved winking at each other with their hands and getting a Valentine’s Day pic to give a loved one (or keep).

This blowing hearts photo idea is great too!

5. Felt Coffee Sleeves

Felt coffee sleeves are wearable kid art for those of us who aren’t willing to don a macaroni necklace. Full disclosure: I did less stitching and more gluing to make these Valentine’s Day crafts, and they are a fun project for a class party or to make with kids at home. 

When you’re done sweeping up the confetti, don’t forget to take time to love yourself this Valentine’s Day!