Saving the Memories: The Mom Book


We’re moms. There are a lot of things we’d like for our birthdays, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. Those cute new sandals you can’t afford, breakfast in bed (by yourself), a quiet weekend at the beach, a day without squabbles. Here’s the thing, we’re not getting those things. We will get a sweet card or picture, maybe flowers, and maybe a handmade clay pot. You’ll put the flowers in a vase, the pot on your nightstand to hold your hair ties, and the card will go in the overflowing box of other cards, never to be looked at again. But how to hold onto the memories?

I want to remember the sweetness. I want to save it all and recall it with clarity. This will never happen. I can’t even remember what we had for breakfast. And it’s only 9:30!memories

Here’s the Solution: The Mom Book

At some point early on I realized what I wanted was to hold on to a little snapshot of my children. I saved all of those cards because I wanted a peek back into the sweetness that is each stage. I want to remember. And also, I realized I was never getting those Uh-mazing sandals because they cost $400 and my children don’t have more than about 73 cents between them. But still, I didn’t want to lose the memories.

My husband bought the book. It’s intended to be a photo album. It’s got sturdy blank pages and a hard cover. At each gift-giving holiday (Mother’s Day, my birthday, Christmas, etc. etc.) the girls create something for me in the book. In the beginning, they couldn’t do more than scribble.

memoriesMy sweet husband would ask, “What do you want to say to mommy?” They’d say things like, “I love mommy. And candy. I like when mommy gives me candy. Happy Mother’s Day. Candy.” Then they got a smidge older and wrote their own notes. “The skiye is fild with Mollys. Mery Chrismis mom.” [sic] I have no idea what this means, but it’s cute and sweet and from when she was four. I look over my Mom Book regularly. I love seeing each stage of their development so clearly illustrated in their love notes to me. 

Ditch the card box or the folder or wherever you are saving all those cards and pictures. The Mom Book is the perfect way to save the memories. The perfect way to capture a bit of the sweetness. Pro Tip: Date each entry. You’ll be glad you did. 




  1. This has been the best the thing ever! My girls are so excited to create their gift and we usually set the book up for display for a few days after the event. And, no more loose cards.

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