Living with Aging Parents: Maintaining A Harmonious Home


We want our aging parents to have a comfortable life which may some day lead us to move our elderly parents into our home. Even if we already have a family and kids of our own. Living with aging parents can often be challenging, so here are five tips to help moms deal with this situation.

aging parents

When we take care of the elderly, there is an added responsibility of providing for them and making sure they get the care they need. There can also be some occasional friction when your aging parents are in your home all the time. There are a lot of factors why individuals act the way they do as they get older and they have important needs we must understand to maintain harmony inside our home.

5 Tips For Living with Aging Parents:

Basic Needs
First and foremost, you’ll have to know where will the basic needs (food, clothing, medications, etc.) will come from. Is it a shared responsibility with your siblings? Will it come from your aging parents’ savings or insurance? Or will you alone be responsible for it? Once you have this figured out, you will be ready to deal with other factors.

Quality of Life
Apart from basic needs, we are also concerned about our aging parents’ quality of life. This means we’ll have to consider their social connections, purpose, and autonomy. It may take a while to figure this out and it will be a process.

Medical and Health Issues
Medical concerns are fairly common when a person is in his/her later years. When living with aging parents, make sure they have their prescription drugs (if any) and access to regular check ups. You should be able to communicate with your parent’s insurance so you understand their Medicare plan and coverage and eligibility

Unpleasant Behavior
While most older adults are nice and warm, aging parents can also have bouts of irritability. Try to understand the motivation behind their behavior so you’ll know if they are depressed, confused, afraid of something, or just asserting independence. It is also essential to inform other members of the family so everyone knows how to deal with any situation concerning your aging parents.

Taking Care of Yourself
As a family caregiver, you should also be willing to put yourself first from time to time. Always make sure you keep an eye on your own mental, emotional, and physical health. And don’t hesitate to ask for help from caregiver support groups, families, and friends when caregiving is taking too much of a toll.

As moms, we already have too much on our plate. Taking on the added responsibility of caring for aging parents can make everything in life feel like it’s piling up. Don’t forget to take time to pause. After all, you are human. You get tired, and that’s okay. Remember to ask for help and practice good self-care.